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Adult Care Alert System


Protecting Our Loved Ones

The aging American population is increasing at a very rapid rate due to the amount of Baby Boomers living longer and longer lives. Contributing factors include advancements in medical treatments, pharmaceuticals that extend life and a health-conscious population that has reduced alcohol and tobacco consumption. This aging population is very susceptible however to dementia (symptoms that affect mental cognitive tasks like memory and reasoning) and other age related debilitating diseases. Unfortunately, medical science has not defeated the effects of early or late stage dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, a neuro-degenerative condition that worsen over time, is fast becoming the Baby Boomers worst nightmare. So too are these diseases presenting problems for spouses, children, care-takers and other family members who become responsible for the care, well-being and guardianship of the afflicted. Protecting seniors is a very real concern and taking all the necessary steps to ensure their safety is becoming a daunting challenge.

If you have a family member that is under the watchful eye of a care-giver, in-home-nurse or sitter, you know how easy it is to get busy and how simple, a person suffering from memory loss, can easily wander off and get into real trouble.

One of the biggest fears is having a person suffering from dementia getting injured or worse because a locked door didn’t stop them from opening it when no one was looking. And dangers lurk, even on their own property, if they have access to it while they are unsupervised.

ESI’s Affordable Solution

The (ACA) Adult Care Alert System is an exclusive ESI security system that will send an email or text notification to the caregiver(s) smart phone, the instant a door is opened. In addition, the ACA security system will notify ESI’s 24/7 monitoring center, which will then in turn call the caregiver(s) to ensure they received the alert.

The ACA system can be armed (turned on) and disarmed (turned off) remotely via an APP installed on every caregiver(s) smart phone, or from a keypad at the residence.

Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors as well as medical alert pendants can be added to the system.

Installation of the system starts at $495.00. Monthly monitoring charges as low as $23.00 and can be canceled at any time when the system is no longer needed.

The ACA system can be easily upgraded to full residential security system at a later date and an ESI professional security analyst and should you all the different options available.

Why ESI?

As the name suggests, ESI, Emergency Systems Inc. is a Jacksonville security systems provider that reduces the chances of an emergency taking place because we design and install security systems made to detect the problem before it becomes an emergency. For almost 40 years ESI has been servicing the needs of consumers and businesses alike with award winning service and products people can afford. Call us for a free consultation and discover why ESI is North and North Central Florida’s first choice for home and business security.

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