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Affordable Home Video Surveillance

In today’s modern world, the cost of technology now being employed in even average size homes, has come down to a very affordable rate. No longer are the costs of CCTV or what’s called “closed circuit television” systems expensive.  No longer do only the rich and famous, who have unlimited funds, buy CCTV systems to protect their families and homes. Just like TV’s themselves costing a fraction of the cost of what there were say 3 years ago, CCTV’s systems have become inexpensive, but be careful where you buy them. Big chain stores like Home Depot and Lowes are selling CCTV systems but there is a distinct difference between a professional grade CCTV system and a commercial grade  CCTV system. The cost difference is very small, but the clarity, reliability and overall performance between these two systems is enormous. One is designed to be a long lasting security enhancement to your existing security system, the other is an over the counter product sold to unsuspecting consumers believing it will give them more protection at a cheap price, but you get what you pay for unfortunately.

Why Purchase a Video Surveillance System for Your Home?

Video surveillance technology has been providing security for homes and office buildings for many years. One of the biggest reasons to employ a video surveillance system is to deter a criminal from invading your home in the first place because they never know who is watching. Criminals upon seeing a video camera might try and disable it, but if properly installed, that task will be hard and their efforts will be recorded. Additionally, thieves never know, when a video camera’s is in operation, whether it is just recording their movements or if the surveillance is actually being watched “real time” by a monitoring agent. The video system they see on the home or office building might be monitored and the police might have already been informed that an intruder is perpetrating a crime at that address. Most intruders are not prepared to deal with a video surveillance camera because they don’t anticipate that a home is equip with camera’s. They also have no way of protecting their identity until it’s too late and the camera has already recorded them.

Since video surveillance cameras are always on, homeowners can remotely view all activity taking place at their home without actually being there. You can watch your kids enter the home after school, or see who has approached you house at any given hour. Whether a delivery man has dropped a package off or if you are away, see the coming and goings from monitored positions around you house. Are your kids where they say they are or have they left the house without your knowledge. A smart cell phones app can let you watch the camera’s view in actual time. All of these options are available with a professional grade CCTV/Video Surveillance system from Jacksonville’s number on security specialists, ESI. Emergency Systems Inc.

Video Surveillance Becoming the Norm

Besides deterring trespassers and intruders, surveillance cameras provide footage necessary for identifying suspects involved in illegal activities. Surveillance footage is becoming the most important tool law enforcement has at identifying who is responsible for a crime that was committed. We are seeing more and more video surveillance of our own lives; at gas stations, at high trafficked intersections, at schools, banks, government facilities, in just about every store including supermarkets and department stores and even at low security businesses. These professional grade security surveillance cameras are low maintenance and one of the best tools available to stop a crime before it begins.

Why Purchase a CCTV System from ESI, Emergency Systems Inc.

ESI, Emergency Systems Inc. has been installing CCTV and security surveillance systems in homes and offices for over 30 years. We are the leader in affordable, professional grade security systems. Whether you are up grading your current security system or are purchasing a security system for the first time, our professionally trained residential and commercial security specialists are ready to assist you. We have been serving North and North Central Florida since 1979. We are UL Listed and Certified and are an award winning company with products ranging from general home and commercial space security use to complex customs security solutions for facilities risk concerns.  Our products include everything from perimeter and internal access controls and local monitoring to fire alarms, fire alarm monitoring, video surveillance systems, CCTV (closed circuit television for home or business) and electric gate operating devices.

We consider ourselves a one stop shop for the implementation, planning and execution of all security related tasks.

Your Security and Safety is our business and we make homes and business secure and comfortable. Please call us at 904-388-3975

FL License Number: EF 0000087 – GA License Number: LV A004183 – UL Listed and Certified


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