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Alarm Companies, What Makes Them Different?

Jacksonville Alarm Companies

Most home and even some business owners who are not currently subscribing to a security company don’t understand the differences that exists between many alarm companies. First, many so-called security companies are only interested in acquiring long term contracts for monthly monitoring services and have different security equipment programs geared towards developing that part of their business. These alarm companies are usually high-profile companies spending inordinate amounts of advertising dollars to attract new customers under the premise that their property and well-being is better protected by their services. Many of these security companies are national firms and are serviced by franchises with monitoring provide from a national or regional monitoring center. It is true that having an fire alarm, burglar alarm system or security company protecting what matters most to all of us is an important security feature that should not be taken for granted. Home and business intrusion has escalated over the past few years in the Jacksonville area and the surrounding communities and you can see it in the development of gated communities that have sprung up all over the marketplace. Banding together in residential communities only tells part of the story because the average household is no longer guaranteed security no matter where you reside. In fact, up scale homes in gated communities represent a very large percentage of household who in fact are under a security company contract even thought they pay for community protection and Home Owner Association (HOA) dues for guard, entrance and other related security features.

Business Alarm Companies!

Businesses who are looking for expert advice on security matters for fire alarm, burglar alarm, sprinkler, panic and silent alarms, access control/keyless entry, gate operating devices, CCTV, security cameras and a local monitoring center need to be prudent in their security purchases. Most residential security companies are ill-equipped to design, replace, install and repair security apparatuses and a wise choice and well thought out decision on a security provider is imperative. At the same time these types of commercial security companies are not interested in low-end residential monitoring and monthly equipment cost structures. Companies like ESI, Emergency Systems Inc. are multi-faceted, full service security alarm companies with a cost structure geared towards providing service after the installation that is affordable and at the same time utilizes cutting edge technology to solve every security concern. Commercial and high-end residential security providers are few and far between and most specialize in a longer shelf-life product that provides a security shield that is both durable and expandable. These security specialists like ESI can solve even the most complicated security concerns like lack of cellular capacity to ensure constant communication or verifiable alarm activations. Products like SureCall that boast cellular communications in buildings, remote locations or where there is spotty cellular service or having the ability to verify an alarm activation is an alarm in progress and being able to dispatch first-responders to that alarm with products like Videofied. Both of these products enable businesses to protect and defend their properties and resources but can only be acquired by approved commercial security partners.

What Makes ESI Different from All the Rest?

A commercial security company is called upon to solve many security issues, the least of which is standing guard 24 hours a day protecting those things that matter most; family, employees, customers, visitors, vendors and assets. These responsibilities should not be left in the hands of the most inexpensive provider or highly profiled company. ESI, Emergency Systems Inc. is a security alarm and professional security business with almost 40 years of service to the North Central and North Florida region. ESI provides only commercial grade security equipment developed and manufactured by the worlds leading security development companies. They trust their products to ESI and they in turn trust these products to flawlessly perform for you. Give one of our highly trained security technicians a call at 904-388-3975 for a free security analysis for your home or dwelling, commercial business, government facility, warehouse or industrial property. Visit our website  @ GetEsi.Com for a complete list of our credentials, product offerings and services.