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Are you a Commercial Business Using a Residential Security Alarm Company?

If you own or manage a business in North Florida, chances are you are protecting your property and are a subscriber to a security alarm company, either residential or commercial in nature. Though the costs are very similar for both types of companies, there is a distinct difference between them in products, services, offerings, and expertise. Commercial security alarm companies in Jacksonville are fewer in number than their counterparts, because of the investment needed and the technical sophistication required in serving the broader population of both businesses and consumers. Though most commercial security alarm companies offer residential alarm services, their expertise is much more defined and their services are somewhat different in scope and nature.

At ESI, Emergency Systems Inc. we are a leader in the security alarm field and have been offering a complete array of security services and components for over 40 years. Before making a decision on what type of security products you need, especially for a specific application, check with the pros.

Below are some of the differences a commercial security alarm company can make in offering alarm protection to businesses and residential customers alike.

  1. Most retail residential security providers do not employ, train and equip their technicians with the knowledge and expertise commercial security component manufacturers require. As security product rollouts take place, having trained personnel to recommend, design, and implement these products into a cohesive security framework is very important.
  2. Residential alarm companies are extremely limited in their ability to offer a complete line of security products for any and all commercial business applications.
  3. A review of a potential security alarm company’s website will tell the complete story of their capabilities and limitations. Just look at a leading security alarm company in Jacksonville like Safetouch. They mention that they provide business services but actually only provide similar residential alarm products. So, if you are looking for fire suppression systems, they will have to outsource these services to another company. What about cellular boosting or silent and panic alarms, not found here. Scary. But because of their marketing, many unsuspecting business owners actually employ this company for the limited security products they offer. This could be a disastrous decision if assets and elements of your business are not properly protected.
  4. Monitoring Services: There is a distinct difference between monitoring technicians overseeing residential homes, then monitoring the diverse types of products used in most commercial business entities. Not only because of the security applications involved but also due to the extensive variety of security equipment that may be required to secure a commercial building.

Commercial Businesses Need Commercial Security Alarm Protection

If you are in need of a security alarm shield to protect your office, retail store, banking, jewelry, restaurant, wholesale company, warehouse, manufacturing plant, remote construction site, or industrial complex, consult ESI before making a choice. We offer a complete line of commercial-grade security alarm products developed by the world’s leading manufacturers. Our security technicians are highly trained in all aspects of security alarm protection and we design, repair, retrofit, expand and develop security applications for any size project.

ESI has over 40 years of experience offering a complete line of security products and services for both commercial and residential dwellings. Give us a call for a free, no-obligation security consultation at 904-388-3975. Visit our website @ GetESI.Com for a complete listing of our products and services.