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Preventing False Alarms at Home

woman using security system touchscreen panel

The number one issue police and first responders face each and every day concerning burglaries and break-ins in homes around America is responding to false alarms. Despite the fact that manufacturers have developed advanced technology, false alarms do happen on an ongoing basis unfortunately. This is the reason that many municipalities have adopted codes to…

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Everything You Need to Know About WIFI Security Cameras

At ESI, Emergency Systems Inc., Jacksonville’s premier security alarm company, we are committed to publishing the most up-to-date security alarm articles and archiving them on our website. This week our attention turns to a very popular topic, WIFI security cameras, the dos and don’ts of selection and purchase. Last time we looked at outdoor security…

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Household Security Issues

smart security

There are many security alarm concerns, individuals face when owning or even renting a home that most people take for granted. Dangers that lurk around every corner. From home intrusions, break-ins, household fires, property theft, or even worse, dangerous carbon monoxide emission. The most concerning mishaps that could have been avoided, if only the principal…

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ESI’s Home Fire Safety Tips

Residential home fire safety is the most critical safety issue one faces in their home due to the devastating effects should a fire breakout. This not only affects homeowners but renters, property management businesses, apartment and condo occupants, and even guests who might visit from time to time. Fire is perhaps the single most chaotic…

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Holiday Safety Tips for Home and Office

Safe holidays mean keeping your family members and your employees safe, happy and secure. Unfortunately, living in the unsecured times we find ourselves in, many different safety occurrences can happen, putting a real damper on our holiday spirit. Letting our security guard down at home, entertaining family and guests or at the office can often…

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