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Security Protection for The Elderly

The most vulnerable group of people that need to be protected from home invasion and burglary are our elderly and senior citizens homeowners who live alone. The enjoyment of having your own home and the independence that goes with it is something every aged person wants. Unfortunately, many of our older citizens are threatened by…

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Home Security Systems

If you have installed a commercial grade home security system from a professional security company than you understand the importance of protecting what you hold most precious from the multiple threats that exist in the marketplace. If you are like some homeowners and have installed a do-it-yourself, off the shelf, out of the box security…

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Data Center Fire Prevention

One of the most costly and sensitive informational operations today are housed in computer data centers and clean room facilities. These sensitive data centers or computer rooms not only serve as the nerve centers for most businesses these days they actually are the heart and soul of the technology that keeps many businesses alive. A…

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Commercial Security At Its Finest

Many people today take their individual security as well as their property or small business security for granted. It’s usually because most people are under the assumption that a commercial grade security system for their office or home is just too expensive to invest in and they are left playing the odds that nothing will…

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Affordable Security Company

front view of Emergency Systems Inc.'s building

With the holiday season upon us, this is a good time to secure what you hold precious and protect your assets, family, customers, suppliers and visitors. There are many security companies to choose from in the North and North Central Florida area but none are as skilled and experienced as ESI, Emergency Systems Inc. Burglary…

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Home and Office Security Made Safe and Affordable

video surveillance camera in commercial building

Another year ending and with it comes renewed optimism and a chance to start the new year off on a positive note. A good plan for protecting your employees, customers, assets and family members starts with a solid security shield designed and installed by ESI. Emergency Systems Inc, a leader in the office and home…

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School Safety and Security

Security At Schools For many years, the most important safety concern facing both public and private schools was fire break-outs and how to appropriately respond to and enact a plan for, protecting teachers and students. But today, in the wake of the number of mass shootings taking place on schools and college campuses all across…

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Fire Prevention Month

A Cause for Concern October is fire prevention month and as such, this is a great time to think about the damage fires cause and about fire safety in general. The Florida State Firefighters Association is urging all Floridians to take precautions now before the winter months come and that means reviewing basic fire tips…

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