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Dangers That Can Lurk Around Any Corner

gas stove flame

One of the leading causes of accidental death in America is an avoidable poisoning that many believe occurs due to uneducated behavior. According to the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), over 1,500 people die annually of carbon monoxide exposure and an additional 10,000 seek medical attention in clinics and hospitals in cities and…

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The Benefits of Having Smart Locks on Your Home or Business!

woman controlling security system with smart phone

As security alarm technology continues to advance, home and business owners alike are acquiring better, more effective ways of protecting themselves, their belongings, employees, and assets. One of the best, most advanced innovations that have taken place in security alarm protection, is the keyless entry system being installed in all kinds of structures. These products…

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Commercial Office and Now Home Fire Safety

commercial fire sprinkler head

ESI, Emergency Systems Inc., North Florida’s premier security alarm company has been providing fire safety tips for offices, commercial establishments, and even the home for many years. But with more and more companies sharing employees’ time between home and office we thought it a good idea to once again review the prudent steps that should be…

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Outdoor Security Cameras, The Do’s and Don’t

video surveillance camera in commercial building

Your cellular phone alert dings, and someone or maybe something like an animal is at your front door. Maybe you were expecting a package today. You have unfortunately purchased an online or over the counter security camera and as you swipe over the app, the only thing you see is a blurry image, bummer. Was…

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How to Protect School Aged Children After School

Well, it’s that time of the year again, kids going back to school and the decisions many families are facing about their after-school care. As the costs of goods and services keep rising, so too are the prices of daycare and after-school care for most families. For many young teenagers or even some mature, home-bound…

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Home Security During the Summer Months

If you are like most homeowners, summertime in Florida can mean many different things including taking vacations, caring for school-aged children at home, remote family get-together and for some, an extended trip to a summer home away from the heat and humidity. Anytime someone has to leave their home for any period of time, there…

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