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Crash and Smash Protection for Your Home or Business

Crash and Smash Protection Sophisticated alarm companies have for years been developing counter-measures to counter the most un-sophisticated burglary technique ever devised, commonly known as the “Crash and Smash”. Intruders simply crash through an entry door and immediately find the security panel box and smash it to bits. Not a very comforting thing to think…

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How Safe Are We Living In Jacksonville?

jacksonville fl skyline

Burglaries in Jacksonville According to government statistics just released, the FBI has determined that a home burglary is occurring every 15 seconds in this country. Jacksonville is not immune to this amazing statistic, in fact as a city, our crime and burglary rates are higher than the national averages. The neighborhood scout report lists Jacksonville…

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Home Security Techniques that Don’t Work

Today, more than ever before, securing your home and your valuables should be your number one concern. Danger lurks everywhere, due primarily to the crowding of people and workers providing more and more services to our houses, businesses and common space areas. Nowhere is this crowding more evident than in the cities and towns of…

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Protecting the thing’s you Love!

Home Protection It’s always a good idea to start the New Year off right, by reflecting on the past year’s opportunities and a look forward, towards prosperity and renewed optimism.  Protecting the thing’s you love works in just about the same way. Insuring that your family, property and assets are safe and secure, protected from…

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Holiday Travel Tips

burglar in house next to Christmas tree

Home Security Tips If you are leaving you home this holiday season, here are some, “home preparation and travel tips” you might what to employ and tell any of your friends and relatives about. It’s always a good idea, if you know and trust your immediate neighbors, to tell them about your travel plans whenever…

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Happy Holiday Safety Tips

Holiday Safety Tips Happy Holidays truly means keeping the things we love, safe and secure this holiday season. Unfortunately, we live in a society where during this time of the year two distinctly different things happen. One, we leave our “security guard down” shopping, traveling, vacationing, attending concerts, visiting with friends and family or just…

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An Alarm System Like Never Before

video surveillance system - videofied components

One of the most innovative security devices to come along in years is the new Videofied Alarm System, or video-verified monitoring device. Unlike traditional video recording provided by surveillance cameras, or CCTV, the new Videofied Alarm Security System uses motion detector technology equipped with a short time video feed only activated when the motion detector…

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Holiday Break-in Protection

With the holidays fast approaching it is a good time to review your security measures in place to protect home, property and valuables. The rate of home invasions and break-ins rise this time of year as consumers start buying products for Christmas and other religious holidays. This is also the travel season and with more…

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Home Security Systems

The real proven value of a home security system from ESI, Emergency Systems Inc is the way an alarm system responds when there is an alarm. Your system will respond automatically when there’s trouble and summon help. Interestingly enough, most alarms are false alarms so your home security system should include a one touch option…

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