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Security systems

Smart Security Systems

The advent of smart security has arrived and has become an affordable alternative to conventional, hardwired, site initiated and disabled security equipment. The slightly increased cost is definitely worth the modest investment for a high-quality security system developed and designed by the most advanced U.S. Manufacturers and all delivered to the North Central and North…

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Security Protection for The Elderly

The most vulnerable group of people that need to be protected from home invasion and burglary are our elderly and senior citizens homeowners who live alone. The enjoyment of having your own home and the independence that goes with it is something every aged person wants. Unfortunately, many of our older citizens are threatened by…

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Affordable Security Company

front view of Emergency Systems Inc.'s building

With the holiday season upon us, this is a good time to secure what you hold precious and protect your assets, family, customers, suppliers and visitors. There are many security companies to choose from in the North and North Central Florida area but none are as skilled and experienced as ESI, Emergency Systems Inc. Burglary…

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School Safety and Security

Security At Schools For many years, the most important safety concern facing both public and private schools was fire break-outs and how to appropriately respond to and enact a plan for, protecting teachers and students. But today, in the wake of the number of mass shootings taking place on schools and college campuses all across…

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Security Systems Run on Smart Phone Technology

woman controlling security system with smart phone

Security Systems and Smart Phones Isn’t living in this modern age of technology amazing. Being able to turn a light switch on from across the globe or knowing when an employee has lock up your facility for the night. Being able, in real time to watch video of people coming and going through your establishment…

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Alarm Companies, What Makes Them Different?

the word security on top of fingerprint

Jacksonville Alarm Companies Most home and even some business owners who are not currently subscribing to a security company don’t understand the differences that exists between many alarm companies. First, many so-called security companies are only interested in acquiring long term contracts for monthly monitoring services and have different security equipment programs geared towards developing…

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What is the foundation of a good alarm system?

woman using security system touchscreen panel

If you are interested in securing your home or office from unwanted visitors, intruders or even worse, burglars then you need the help and advice of a reputable security alarm company. Most alarm companies that specialize in residential home security systems are really only interested in the monthly alarm monitoring fees. These companies make their…

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Alarm Systems and Telephone Transmission

old black telephone

The history of the security alarm industry is really quite interesting, starting with stand-alone alarm systems that when activated sounded an alarm to signal that something was wrong. These original security alarms were made up of bells or ringers when activated sounded the call for help. A security alarm is a system designed to detect…

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