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What Exactly is a Smart Home or Office?

Welcome back to another ESI, Emergency Systems Inc. security alarm article. This time we are tackling high tech security alarm shields for home and office. The question on everybody’s minds these days is what is meant by a Smart Home or Smart Office. If you are interested in what makes a modern-day advanced intelligent home…

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ESI’s Guide to Smart Home/Smart Office Technology

Whether you have recently purchased a new house, or happen to live in an historic one, there are several things that can make your home more technologically advanced. These new security applications are also scalable to any brick and mortar structure for office or business. Many unique features have been added to the latest security…

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Investing in Residential or Commercial Property Security

commercial security systems

Investors and real estate home buyers have recently been flooding the marketplace in North Florida with offers to buy, rent or build, but there are some important safety tips one should consider to keep your employees, customers, family members, and loved ones safe and secure. ESI, Emergency Systems Inc. the largest commercial and high-end residential…

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What are the Different Types of Security Systems

ESI, Emergency Systems Inc. is a professional security alarm company with over 40 years of experience. We don’t believe in the one system fits all mentality as so many of our competitors do. Custom design security systems are made to fit the unique needs of a home, office, retail business, government facility, warehouse or industrial…

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New Year’s Resolutions that Deserve Protection

"new year - fresh start" written on notepad

It’s that time of the year again and before the clock strikes 12, many people began thinking about all the changes and improvements they would like to enact in their daily lives in the near future or upcoming new year. Whether these goals are personal resolutions, they often come in the form of a personal…

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Best Security Company In Town

front view of Emergency Systems Inc.'s building

North Florida businesses share similar concerns when it comes to choosing a Jacksonville security alarm company provider who possesses the right products offered at competitive prices. Commercial and high-end residential security alarm companies are really few and far between when it comes to service offerings that include state-of-the-art products and award-winning service. When you think…

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Security Where You Worship

 With the world becoming, a more and more dangerous place, locations like churches, considered to be safe havens for spiritual worship are now vulnerable to security breaches, theft, and even invasion. Providing security for both daytime operations and nighttime vacancy of churches is no different than any other business. Churches do however fill many functions…

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Locked Out – Security Words of Wisdom

smart security

Jacksonville, like most big cities, has its pluses and minuses when it comes to a safe living environment that most people enjoy either at home, office or while visiting businesses. And while everyone is trying to make a successful living, many times things just get totally out of hand. For instance, has this ever happened…

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New Security Technology

woman controlling security system with smart phone

Many people today take their individual security as well as their property or small business security for granted. It’s usually because most people are under the assumption that a commercial-grade security system for their office or home is just too expensive to invest in and they are left playing the odds that nothing will disrupt…

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Smart Security Systems

The advent of smart security has arrived and has become an affordable alternative to conventional, hardwired, site initiated and disabled security equipment. The slightly increased cost is definitely worth the modest investment for a high-quality security system developed and designed by the most advanced U.S. Manufacturers and all delivered to the North Central and North…

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