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video surveillance system - videofied components

CCTV and Security Cameras are a potent Combination Most businesses today take their security very seriously, from monitoring the movement of employees to having real time video access of their premises. But CCTV’s and security camera equipment like the new Videofied Systems, putting video functionality in a stand-alone motion detector, provide much more than video…

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Video Surveillance Protection

Video Surveillance Protection If you are like most business owners, offering premise protection is the number one way to secure your valuables, employees and customers. From construction sites, retail shops, merchandising, warehouses, restaurants and even schools and public buildings, video surveillance is the best and most a cost-effective tool in preventing, detecting and insuring against…

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Thinking about Buying a CCTV System

If you own your own business and are thinking about buying a do-it-yourself CCTV systems from Lowes or Home Depot, think again. The pricing and ease of set up seems quite attractive but the limitations and non-expandable features of these systems makes them an expensive proposition. Big box retailers understand that attractive, low price merchandise…

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Affordable Home Video Surveillance

In today’s modern world, the cost of technology now being employed in even average size homes, has come down to a very affordable rate. No longer are the costs of CCTV or what’s called “closed circuit television” systems expensive.  No longer do only the rich and famous, who have unlimited funds, buy CCTV systems to…

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