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Commercial Building Safety Drills a Must

As safety concerns loom for most businesses, none are more daunting than an open shooter causing death and destruction within a premise. Commercial and retail access is relatively open and with security measures laxed for better access, patrons, employees, and vendors are at risk of being caught in the cross-hairs with ever more frequent occurrence. Public and private schools have taken up the security mantle but armed guards are an expensive proposition and cannot always provide seamless security measures. As we have seen in recent years, armed security can only be in one space at one time and have limited effect when protecting the premise as a whole. Setting up a successful and integrated security shield takes a professional security provider with experience. ESI, Emergency Systems Inc. is a commercial and high-end residential security alarm company whose purpose is to provide security and alarm protection no matter the situation or premise framework. Over 40 years of seamless security experience has ESI at the top of most North Florida security companies lists. The second most consequential issue these premises face is the threat of fire and though most institutions focus on shooters, fire is the number one hazard most will have to contend with. According to the National Fire Protection Association, first responders and firefighters respond to an average of over 5,000 fire breakouts in educational institutions alone each year. Additionally, tens of thousands of commercial structure fires occur each year with property damage in the billions of dollars. So, although it is pragmatic to shield ones’ business from an intruder with nefarious intentions, one has to ask oneself, which security issue has the more frequent occurrent potential. Overwhelmingly, smoke and fire breakouts put more lives at risk than any other dangerous event.

How to Businesses, Institutions and Schools Prepare for a Fire

The number one security concern that can exhibit more damage to life and property is a smoke and fire breakout and all buildings have required fire code enforcement. So, Security Companies in Jacksonville Fl are very busy installing fire alarm and retardant systems to protect building inhabitants. But what happens if in your commercial, industrial, retail or enterprise business a fire were to break out. The following security advice is designed for both businesses and schools where there are adults and children of all ages. some with learning disabilities evacuating a building in the event of a smoke or fire breakout. These simple tips can also be followed by employees, patrons, and vendors to ensure in the event a fire occurs, those affected will be able to safely exit the premises. ESI suggests you are never too old to know the dangers of smoke and fire events and understand how to respond accordingly if one were to find themselves faced with its threat.

Having an Accessible Plan of Escape

Every room should have a fire evacuation map posted by the exit in plain sight and anyone who occupies that room should be familiar with it. The escape map should offer two escape routes in the event one is blocked by an active fire or smoke event.

Repetitious Drilling

Actions that need to be adhered to in the event of a fire should be regularly staged. Employees need to be able to conduct visitors out of a building safely. Schools, according to NFPA guidelines should conduct evacuation drills at least once a month. Everyone must exit the building in a fire drill so that it can be clearly demonstrated how exits and people will function in the event of the real thing.

Fire Awareness and Clear Direction

Everyone who occupies a building is at risk of smoke inhalation and fire event. It is important for businesses to have an awareness of their site vulnerabilities and in the event of a breakout, who will assume the responsibility of ensuring all persons exit in a calm and safe manner. All must be protected.  

Why Hire ESI for all Your Fire Alarm Needs

ESI is a leader in the commercial fire alarm business and security system installations that will enhance your safety efforts. We have been doing just that for almost ½ a century. Workplace fires are preventable but early detection and having a proactive exit strategy is essential in saving lives.  We are security experts in helping your company choose the right fire alarm for your business, school, retail store or commercial outlet. Workplace fire prevention should be your number one catastrophic security concern and ESI can design a program that is right for your dwelling. Give us a call at 904-388-3975 and have one of our highly trained and experienced security technicians explain your options and advise you on a security structure that will protect what you hold most dear. Visit our website at GetEsi.Com for a complete list of our products, services, and credentials.