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Commercial Fire Alarm Specialists Choosing the Right Jacksonville Fire Alarm Company

What makes up the proper fire alarm system for your commercial, office, or even high-end residential dwelling, ask the professionals. At ESI, Emergency Systems Inc. we answer those and many other important security questions for our subscribers. Having the right information to make an informed decision about fire safety is the first step towards achieving it. The fire safety field has many important components and whether your questions are about fire suppression, fire safety practices, fire alarm monitoring, or about the services ESI specializes in, we are here to provide you with the right answers.

First things first….

Fire Alarms

Of course, the most critical safety alarm system developed for any structure is a fire alarm. Fire alarms prevent more loss of lives and property damage than any other security component. At ESI we specialize in fire alarm installation for home, business, and office with many options including traditional hard-wired systems, wireless alarms to more complex multi-floor/multi-location identifiers that can pinpoint a specific triggered alarm location. All of our fire alarm installations come with a 24/7 professional central office monitoring service. Trained and experienced monitoring technicians ready to detect and respond to any security breach situation.

Sprinkler Systems/Fire Suppression

A sprinkler or water suppression alarm system is the first line of defense in extinguishing a fire, smoke or excessive heat breakout. This type of fire alarm system is equipped with sensors that immediately detect heat from a fire and automatically activate a water flow to extinguish the fire at the source. These types of systems are designed to deliver early fire suppression, limiting the fire until first responders can thoroughly contain the fire event. At ESI we specialize in the design, repair, maintenance, and installation of sprinkler systems for any type of building application.

Restaurant/Home Hood Fire Suppression Systems

As gas ranges become even more common occurrences in residential homes, exhaust hood sprinkler installations are keeping pace in many homes. It has been determined that over 65% of all residential fires start in the kitchen area. At ESI we specialize in the installation of fire hood kitchen/range suppression systems.

Additionally, our commercial, restaurant hood installation experience is second to none. These systems are equipped with heat-sensitive activation mechanisms when deployed, deliver a safe, chemical discharge that extinguishes the fire. A perfectly designed fire extinguisher installed directly in the range’s hooded exhaust.

Fire Extinguishers

The most immediate tool available in the fire suppression arsenal for home, business, or office in the event of a fire breakout. Portable fire extinguishers come in different classifications depending on the type of expectorant used and the fires they are designed to contain. Class A Fire Extinguishers are used on non-metallic materials such as paper, cloth, carpet, etc. While Class C Extinguishers are designed to suppress electrical fires. At ESI we recommend yearly fire extinguisher inspections to ensure these devices are active and ready for emergency use.

Backflow Testing and Special Hazard Systems

Backflow testing actually checks the water supply used in fire suppression systems to ensure no backup contaminated water exists in the pressurized system.

Special Hazard Systems use fire-retardant agents such as foam, water mist, dry chemicals, and even carbon dioxide replacing traditional water suppression.

Why Choose ESI for All Your Security Needs

For over 40 years ESI has been the leader in providing fire alarm suppression and protection systems to clients all over North Florida in every type of building application possible. Our expert security technicians can recommend, design, install and repair every type of fire alarm and suppression system available on the market today. Give us a call at 904-388-3975 for a free analysis of your security needs.

At ESI we provide the most cost-effective, security system applications for homes, offices, commercial businesses, warehouses, and industrial structures. Our central monitoring centers are state-of-the-art facilities manned by the most highly trained and experienced personnel in the security industry today.