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Commercial Fire and Burglar Alarm Companies in Jacksonville Fl

Are you in need of either upgrading your security system or acquiring a new one for your home, apartment, business, or commercial property? You will have many choices of security alarm companies in Jacksonville fl, to choose from but what separates one from another after the commercial-grade security products are installed? Professional Alarm Monitoring!  Actually, alarm monitoring is probably the most crucial part of any comprehensive security system, and for good reason. Many people just feel that alarm monitoring is just another security service and not all security systems are equipped with alarm monitoring, Big Mistake. At ESI, Emergency Systems Inc. we pride ourselves on having the most advanced, best-equipped, and thoroughly trained staff, local monitoring center in all of Florida. At ESI we also believe in answering all of the questions about security systems and why this important feature is so invaluable.

Do I Need Alarm Monitoring?

Properties that have security systems usually have an alarm signal that delivers a loud noise when the security field is breached. But how many times do you hear an alarm going off and only think about the nuisance the noise is causing, not that the dwelling might be under-attack and infiltrated by thieves? Unmonitored alarm systems are really a target for committed burglars who know once the alarm system is disabled than their threat really can go unnoticed. An Unmonitored alarm system is only as good as the owner who can react to the alarm. There are many potential emergencies a security sensor can detect beyond the scope of turning on or off the alarm alert. Besides burglar alarms, security systems can detect smoke, fire, water intrusion, someone tampering with the security system or even detect that motion is being detected in the dwelling, and monitoring will allow an active, trained professional, the ability to determine is the alarm is real and verifiable or a system glitch. 95% of alarm activations in Florida or actually, False Alarms.

What Really is the Benefit of Alarm Monitoring?

To put it bluntly, alarm monitoring is a detailed, documented, fast communication between the security system and a third party, usually from a central station. This monitoring position keeps an eye on your security system 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. No matter what alarm comes over, the monitor sees exactly what has been activated and can alert the building’s responsible party or dispatch emergency response if needed. This includes low batteries in a particular sensor, malfunction in the back-up battery pack, a door or window sensor that has gone off-line, even the system being activated and shutting down altogether. These are very real issues that can take place in addition to the intruder breach, temperature, smoke, fire, water, flood breakouts, or cellular communication breakdowns.

When a sensor triggers an activation, it sends an electronic notice to the security systems control panel and that triggers an alarm and communication to the monitoring station. The owner or responsible party on-call are then called to be notified of the emergency. Monitoring personnel can manage any emergency and have all of the critical information about the alarm, address, contact information, any special access requirements such as gates, and of course what particular sensor was triggered.

How Does ESI Deliver Alarm Monitoring?

At ESI we have invested in the most advanced, state-of-the-art monitoring station and systems available. We monitor both forms of communication of hard-wired systems and cellular alarm monitoring. We perform hard-wired upgrades every day to the more advanced cellular communication. These systems are more advanced, durable, convenient, affordable, easy to install, and have greater versatility. That is really the key, using the modern advancements in security technology of wireless communication that can even include surveillance cameras that can feed real-time video to a cell phone, tablet, or any interconnected-internet device. Give one of our security technicians a call today at 904-388-3975 for a free, no-obligation consultation. ESI is ready to equip your office, business, commercial property, remote location, construction site, and home or apartment with the ultimate in alarm monitoring. Your property will not just be secured, but ESI Secured.