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Commercial Property Protection

Intrusion detection and burglar alarm systems have over the past few years become very technologically advanced. ESI, Emergency Systems Inc. has been a leader in the commercial burglar and fire alarm security business in the North Florida and North Central Florida areas for over 39 years. Intrusion detection systems are what security system integrators refer to as specialized high-end intergraded security systems and custom security systems. Intrusion security combines state of the art technology with advanced monitoring, verification and video surveillance, ensuring rapid response times and fewer false alarms. From access control devices and photo badge identification to motion sensors, photo electric beams, glass break detectors, CCTV and silent alarms, ESI can customize any security system to meet your commercial security needs.

Advanced Control Panels

ESI security providers work with only the most advanced security manufacturers in the industry. Their advanced control panels are easy to understand and extremely powerful to use. Remote or onsite hardwired or wireless security systems provide the perfect solution to a commercial properties intrusion detection and burglar alarm needs. Our keypads are easy and simple to use for securing any facility whether activating or de-activating an alarm system from the location or remotely.

24/7 Advanced Monitoring

ESI’s advanced alarm and intruder systems, when triggered, allow alarm monitoring agents to automatically view your cameras and determine if authorities need to be notified. This increases response times, reduces or in some cases eliminates false alarms and fines and also reduces the afterhours notifications.

Commercial Property Intrusion Detection in North Florida

ESI has been designing, installing and monitoring security systems for just about every type of businesses including retail stores, strip malls, office and commercial properties, restaurants, residential and realtor security, vacant properties, vehicle lots, construction sites, scrap yards, warehouses, remote facilities, HVAC rooftops, substations, cellular towers, schools, parks, recreational, agriculture, chemical, industrial, storage facilities and much more. ESI is a single source security provider that delivers peace of mind and results. Locally owned and monitored, ESI provides a level of security protection that is backed by industry leading technology, state of the art monitoring and responsive customer service.

Additional Commercial Security Services

Cellular Monitoring

ESI is the leading provider of wireless communication systems.  Unlike “traditional” alarm systems, which use a phone line to communicate to monitoring stations, ESI sends all communication over a secure cellular connection for a faster, more secured response.

Monitoring Station

Our Certified award winning monitoring stations are also UL listed and FM approved to keep watch over your property 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Duress (hostage) Monitoring

We monitor for all silent alarms and any hostage-type situation that might occur. To notify that an intruder has entered, the user may either enter a special duress code into the keypad, or press a holdup button which triggers a silent alarm.

Open/Close Reporting

Your online account allows you to create a customized, automated report sent directly to you showing open or close activity for your site. Additionally, you can create a customized report at any time and download it to your computer.

Remote Access

Allows you to use your computer, smartphone, or tablet to remotely access your system from anywhere in the world.  Our remote access software is enterprise capable, which means that a single login allows you to control all of your locations.  Enterprise code/user management and system notifications, allows you to create automated arming schedules. With this single managing source, you will find that managing a single site or many locations is made simple and easy.

Preventative Maintenance

With a preventative maintenance contract, ESI’s service team will visit your site at scheduled intervals throughout the year to inspect, clean, test, and verify correct operations of all components on your security system.

ESI, Emergency Systems Inc. is the leader in providing advanced, cost effective, state of the art, commercial security systems. Our professional trained security technicians offer free consultations to evaluate your commercial security needs.

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