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Commercial Security Alarm Company’s Primary Focus

Commercial security alarm companies have in recent years come an awfully long way with new and improved technologies leading the way. These sophisticated businesses provide security protection in many different and varied ways. Having a security system professionally designed and installed to fit your specific needs, and having professionally monitored personnel hard at work protecting what you hold most dear, is not only comforting but essential in this high-risk game played by intruders. Dissuading one intent on breaching your security apparatus is almost as important as identifying one who has breached the security system. But the development of off-the-shelf, non-commercial security equipment is becoming so widespread that many uninformed buyers are acquiring these products which have tremendous limitations and drawbacks. Let’s take professional monitoring that can react at a moment’s notice to an activated alarm. A stand-alone, non-commercial security product can only transmit a signal to a cell phone or internet app, not make critical decisions about a breach and deploy the necessary resources. Just as not all security products are made the same, not all security alarm companies have the same grade of products, services and of course monitoring resources. At ESI, Emergency Systems Inc. we have been designing, repairing, installing, monitoring and promoting advanced security products to residential and commercial customers for over 40 years. The two most important areas of concern for most homeowners and businessmen alike, is a fire breakout and/or an intruder break-in and the protection only an advanced security alarm shield can provide. Interestingly enough, fire alarm protection is the number #1 concern among businessowners and consumers. Protecting assets, dwellings, employees, customers and families is chief among their greatest concerns.

 For our purposes here let’s discuss commercial fire alarms, their applications and components. ESI installs the most advanced commercial grade fire alarm security applications available today. If you are searching for a fire alarm company in Jacksonville fl there is no more advanced and innovative security alarm company in Jacksonville fl then ESI.

Commercial Fire Alarms

  1. Fire alarms have developed over the last 65 years or so. Today’s commercial fire alarms have exceptional detection capabilities and are more reliable and last longer in all types of applications. The modern fire alarms of today are actually “smart alarms” able to notify everyone who could be involved if a fire or smoke break-out were to occur. Besides first responders, essential personnel, and monitoring station technicians, these systems can provide guidance to individuals attempting to escape a burning or smoked-filled building. Fire alarms are also able to detect security threats besides a fire or smoke event. These newly developed technologies are so advanced they actually can improve overall fire alarm efficiency. Below are examples of the innovations made to fire alarm systems.
  2. Carbon monoxide detection systems: Carbon monoxide (CO) is a colorless odorless gas and is potentially lethal. CO is produced from malfunctioning or poorly ventilated heating systems or gas appliances. CO is referred to as the “silent killer” because its victims do not notice its presents until the gas has taken effect on them. Commercial security alarm companies like ESI include carbon monoxide detectors when warranted so that an alert can be generated when unsafe levels of CO become detected.
  3. Aspiration detection systems: As a part of the latest development in fire alarm security technology, these systems detect the existence of particles that can create a potentially dangerous environment for computer rooms, data centers, and mission-critical assets. Aspiration detection systems are sensitive enough to discern the difference between smoke and dust particles in a contained space. Most security alarm companies are not equipped nor advanced enough to deploy these types of detection systems. ESI, a leader in fire, smoke, CO, and particle protection. ESI has been installing and monitored these aspiration detection systems for years.
  4. Voice evacuation units: Emergency voice alarm communication systems (EVACS) are emergency systems that deliver pre-recorded and/or manual voice messaging during a fire alarm emergency. They provide vocal reminders to any building occupant about safety tips and specific evacuation routes available in an emergency. These EVACS systems are important in high-rise buildings, offices, or businesses that employ anyone with a visual impairment.
  5.  Cellular Phone APP’s: Virtually everyone today has a smartphone and ESI’s advanced fire alarm systems all have access to a downloadable app that can deliver instant alert messaging whenever a fire alarm emergency is detected. Property managers, owners, and building managers no longer have to acquire a fire alarm panel to determine where a fire or smoke alarm breakout is occurring. These control panels could be a great distance away or placed in a dangerous position and not accessible during an emergency.

 Why Choose ESI the Leader in Fire Alarm Technology?

For over 40 years, ESI has been providing the most technologically advanced, commercial-grade security systems available. ESI is a commercial and high-end residential security alarm company serving all of North Florida. Our central monitoring center is located right here in Jacksonville. Our security technicians are experts in designing security systems for your specific needs. Advanced security shields built to last, and all offered at an affordable price and with expert installation. Give us a call today at 904-388-3975 for a free consultation and security evaluation of your property.