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Commercial Security Systems for Businesses in Jacksonville

If you are searching for the most cost-effective and reliable security system provider for your business in Jacksonville Florida, look no further than ESI, Emergency Systems Inc. With over 40 years of offering business security system solutions, design, repair, and installation, ESI can help protect your business, employees, customers, vendors and valuable assets. Our security systems are, state-of-the-art, easy to use technologies so advanced they deliver the highest level of protection money can buy. Modern, cellularly transmitted fully automated security systems controlled by designated employees from the convenience of an online portal or smartphone app. These modern security shields offer real protection and security solutions to even the most complex security problems. ESI’s security products protect against intrusion, fire, internal theft, and any security protection concern relative to your business. ESI also offers computer, IP, network and internet monitoring products that are part of ESI’s Digital Monitoring Products (DMP) technologies. North Central and North Florida are very fortunate to have a complete security provider offering commercial-grade, modern state-of-the-art security technology for home, office, retail, commercial space, government, and industrial applications.

Common Security Concerns

Video Verification

One of the chief concerns of police and fire departments around the country is responding to the large percentage of triggered alarms that are actually false alarms. Communities and governmental municipalities all over are putting in place restrictions and fees associated with false alarm activations. Verification in most cases is required for these first-responders to receive a “Priority Response” that an actual alarm is in progress. Many traditional hardwired alarm systems and even some of the newer, non-commercial grade alarm systems produce false alarms at an alarming rate. ESI has partnered with governmental agencies to reduce false alarm activations and give law enforcement verification that an alarm activation is “real” giving police and fire departments the advantage to stop crime, damage or apprehend criminals. ESI has a “mobile-friendly” re-useable product called Videofied, that captures a real-time video once a sensor has been activated. This way, by monitoring the video one can quickly determine whether the alarm is false or real. Videofied is a cellular, wireless security surveillance product housed in a motion detector that can be installed in just about any location including internal structures, rooftops, remote locations, and even powerless commercial job and construction sites.

Security Breaches and Intrusion Protection

ESI is a leader in advanced security technology offering the best security system choices throughout North Florida. Our intrusion detection devices allow us to professionally monitor your business facility keeping it safe and secure. We offer a full array of preventative measures including all entry door, window, motion, photoelectric, glass and sound detectors, silent alarm, hold-up, and panic alarms and much, much more. 

Key-Less Entry and Access Control Devices

The physical security of a building is much more than just providing a safe place to work. But how secure can a building be to intrusion when someone is motivated to breach its entry points. The old issuance of keys has become obsolete in defending against unwanted and authorized entry. Keys are too unreliable, easily lost, stolen, shared and duplicated and do not allow for accountability and control. ESI has a solution, giving owners and managers a simple, reliable and accountable electronic access system that is both affordable and very easily managed.  

CCTV’s and Video Surveillance

ESI is one of the largest installers of video surveillance equipment in Florida. Our security technicians are the best in the business recommending the right video devices for any unique application for home, office, store, warehouse, perimeter or any other security concern. We only sell commercial-grade video surveillance equipment that utilizes a High Definition-quality, IP camera that is scalable for a variety of uses including long- and short-range detection, remote access, low light, night vision, and even wireless video systems. Affordable, durable and long-lasting video surveillance monitored by professionally trained and experienced technicians. 

Network, IP and Internet Monitoring

ESI is bringing the future to our customers with the most advanced alarm communication technology available. Our DMP products are compatible with all high-speed internet providers. Fast, reliable communication 15X faster than conventional dial-up service. ESI’s alarm systems send a heartbeat signal to our monitoring center every 6 minutes giving you peace of mind your systems are fully protected.

Why ESI for all Your Security Alarm System Needs

That easy. ESI only sells the most advanced security alarm equipment available today. Thousands of satisfied customers, from high-end residential dwellings, store, and retail, commercial and industrial properties, ESI does it all. Give us a call at 904-388-3975 for a free, no-obligation consultation and let us show you how easy it is to protect the things that matter most.