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Commercial Security Systems

Protecting Your People, Facility and Assets

A commercial fire alarm, intrusion or access control security system should do much more than just sound an alarm when there’s a breach in security or the system has triggered an alarm. High-functioning cellular security systems provide a complete blanket of security protection with features and specific security functions that enable our commercial customers to more effectively manage their facility and business.

ESI, Emergency Systems Inc. provides state of the art commercial security systems, manufactured in the USA by (DPM) Digital Monitoring Products. A world leader in the development of both residential and commercial security protection, DMP provides commercial users with network security solutions that integrate intrusion, fire, and access control into a single, effective system scaled and configured precisely to their needs. DMP is a family-owned manufacturer of electronic burglar, fire, and access control products. Since 1975 they have designed, built, distributed & supported those products from their headquarters in Springfield, MO. DMP only sells directly to preferred alarm companies, like ESI, who are passionate about providing life-safety and peace-of-mind security to its end-users.

Control Panel Partner’s that make a Difference

ESI, Emergency Systems Inc. only incorporates the finest, most advanced “Smart Security Systems” that provide a security blanket over anything worth protecting. Designed and engineered by the most advanced security products manufacturer in the industry, DMP. As a member of DMP’s elite dealer program for many years, ESI has been on the cutting edge of security technology and passes those products and services along to its residential and commercial customers. DMP has a strict, 100% testing code for all its products to ensure product reliability before shipping. ESI, only sells Commercial-grade, 2-way wireless security systems for both home and commercial applications. Additionally, all DMP products have extensive brand interfaces products that allow for extended uses and security offerings.

Why use the Technology Available Today?

Many commercial as well as some residential customers question the upgrading of their security systems to incorporate the newest technology. Many older, hard wired security systems are operational and still provide security protection. Some question the additional expense of upgrading to a cellular based, more advanced system. ESI believes that security technology advancements are only a response to system hacking and traditional alarm vulnerabilities.

For instance, having an integrated cellular security approach, allows users to remotely arm and disarm their system; lock or unlock access-control doors; add or delete system users or change their access rights; change schedules and holiday dates; and run reports for analysis and evaluation. These advanced cellular technologies allow users to manage their systems onsite or from any Internet-connected computer. Additionally, having a strong communication between your security system and the ESI’s 24 / 7 Central Monitoring Station is essential to ensure constant protection. DMP’s innovative alarm panels provide a complete set of communications options … network, cellular, and dial-up … in an all-in-one, all on-board design that offers increased capabilities with faster, and easier installation. The built-in DMP two-way wireless capability simplifies and speeds system installation.

Jacksonville Commercial Security Company

One of ESI’s most cost effective Commercial Security Systems is the DMP XR550 Series , which allows you to create, configure, and manage up to eight communication paths between the panel and your monitoring service. This application is for larger more sophisticated security needs and incorporates DMP Adaptive ™ Technology that instantly transfers communication from the primary to the backup paths. The commercial end user can feel confident that the facility’s security will be constantly monitored every step of the way.

Although the technology found in DMP components is sophisticated, it’s surprisingly easy to use. Your employees can be quickly trained by one of ESI’s security technicians, to interact with your system, resulting in fewer false alarms. All of these security applications are designed for a sole proprietor with a single location as well as a facility manager who is charged with protecting stores all across North America. ESI, combined with DMP technology is just what the customer ordered. For a full demonstration of our security products and services, call ESI and one of our expert security technicians will guide you through all of the security applications and features available. Call us today at 904 388-3975 or visit us on the web at

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