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COVID-19, Safety, and Security

If you are like most Americans, you treasure your feelings of “feeling safe” almost as much as you do your inherent feelings of “being free”. The question that needs to be asked is how safe are we really. Feeling safe and secure and actually being safe and secure are sometimes two completely different things. Case in point. A homeowner who never believes his family is in jeopardy of being invaded or robbed and doesn’t take steps to ensure they are at minimal protected by an alarm system is extremely vulnerable to such calamities in today’s world. Unfortunately, they can’t believe that when they least expected it, a burglary takes place and many of their treasured items are stolen or destroyed. Besides having their homes broken into, they now feel completely violated and unsafe. Even after having a security alarm system installed, they are not sure how safe they really are. A very large percentage of homeowners in this country do not currently have a home security alarm system installed and monitored. Of those that actually incur a home break-in, a very large percentage get an alarm system installed within a relatively short period of time. If there is one thing this coronavirus outbreak has taught us, it is that you can never be too prepared for the unexpected and that having a complete sense of security can be altered by forces completely out of one’s control. ESI, Emergency Systems Inc. has been designing, installing and repairing home security alarm systems in Jacksonville Fl and surrounding communities for over 40 years. Always at the cutting edge of security technology, ESI represents the world’s most advanced security equipment manufacturers and has taken security measures to a new height. Catastrophes like this newest corona-19 viral outbreak not only effects the health and well-being of our country but puts the very fabric of our economic system at risk. God forbid that any citizen would have to forage for food or sustenance for their family and god forbid a family who is not protected in these perilous times from anyone with nefarious intentions. That doesn’t mean don’t “help thy neighbor” in time of need, what it really means is protect thyself, thy family and thy neighbor. You can never put a price on security or on knowing that the things that matter most, are safe and secured.

Why Choose ESI, Emergency Systems Inc.?

In these uncertain times, it is important to protect any structure, commercial property, office environment, brick and mortar business, residential dwelling, family member, employee, customer, visitor or vendor from intrusion or theft. Even destruction caused by wind, fire, water or flood can be curtained with the right security alarm system in place. Insurance is not enough to protect a structure from a mishap or to thwart off criminal intent. Advanced security alarm systems using commercial-grade products are a first line of defense in the battles now being waged. If you own an unprotected residential home or business, now is the time to receive a free, no-obligation consultation on what kind of security shield you should employ. Let the highly trained and experienced security technicians at ESI guide you through the maze of security equipment and applications. Maybe a simple security alarm system is what is required, monitored by some of the best security technicians. Maybe your needs are a little more involved and adding expandable equipment like CCTV’s or Cellular Boasting equipment is required. If you have a brick and mortar structure, retail store, bank or provide valuable merchandise, check out our forensic marking products being widely used in over 70 countries worldwide. Whatever the case, ESI has an affordable security alarm system that is customed designed to give you the most advanced security protection possible. Products and installation backed by our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee and over 40 years of experience. We install the highest grade of security equipment every day and we offer 24/7, 365 days a year monitoring from our local, centralized monitoring station. With assets like these its no wonder, ESI is the leading commercial and high-end residential security alarm company in the North Central and North Florida areas. Give us a call at 904-388-3975 or visit our website @GetESI.Com for a complete list of our products, services, and qualifications.