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Crash and Smash Protection for Your Home or Business

Crash and Smash Protection

Sophisticated alarm companies have for years been developing counter-measures to counter the most un-sophisticated burglary technique ever devised, commonly known as the “Crash and Smash”. Intruders simply crash through an entry door and immediately find the security panel box and smash it to bits. Not a very comforting thing to think about when providing protection for your home and loved ones, but an intruders technique that has merit. Crash and Smash is a favorite method used by burglars and if the security system you have installed is old or no counter-measures have been added, you could have a security system that has an extreme vulnerability.

How does the Crash and Smash Technique Work?

The words, “crash and smash” sounds like something out of an auto accident insurance handbook but legitimate security companies like ESI, Emergency Systems Inc. have been dealing with this term for years. When an intruder choses to crash, and smash your security system all they are doing is stopping the alarm from sounding and a notification being sent to your monitoring company. If the security system is self-monitored, then the notification sent to the individuals programmed into the system is nullified. Most security systems have a built-in entry delay, between an entry sensor being triggered and the system sounding an alarm. This gives the person entering the dwelling time, between 30 – 60 seconds to disarm the system. There are a number of ways that have been devised to detect and/or prevent this crash and smash tactic from being successfully used against your security system.

ESI’s Advice: Have a commercial grade, professionally designed, locally monitored “smart security system” installed by ESI.

Separating Control Panels and Key Pads

ESI’s AdviceA “Smart Home or Office Security System” can have separate, internal workings of the control panel from the key pad. ESI’s keypads would be installed near the entry point and the “brains”, control panel, would be located in a different place. Intruders who destroy the keypad would not know the security system would continue to countdown to the alarm activation and a signal would be sent out to the monitoring center. ESI’s keypad and base unit, control panels communicate wirelessly so no wires are available to be cut. The alarm signal is sent to the monitoring center by the cellular network, so even if the phone line is cut, the signal still is sent.

ESI’s Crash and Smash Technology

ESI’s Advice: ESI offers security systems that have the detection of this crash and smash event, built in. When the door is opened, a signal is sent to the monitoring center to let them know to expect a security code being entered within the entry delay time. The intruder may smash the control panel, to stop it from counting down, but the security code must be sent or an alarm activation is triggered. In the event this happens, notification to the monitoring center takes place to determine the cause, and dispatch the police as required.

ESI’s No Entry Delay

ESI’s AdviceMost of the “smart security systems” installed by ESI professionals don’t require you to enter a code on a keypad. Wireless security systems allow your mobile phone or a remote control to arm/disarm the system from anywhere you are. These systems do away with a keypad and have a control hub which can be placed anywhere as long as there is a socket and the signal can reach the security devices and a wireless router. Preventing them from being smashed is as easy as concealing them away so that they cannot be detected. With these types of security systems there is no need for a time delay so the alarm can be activated as soon as a door is opened and a signal would be sent out.

Harden The Door

ESI’s AdviceThis is not the most sensible way to slow someone down that is committed to gaining entry into your property but for some criminals it might be enough to stop them. Harden doors can be effective in preventing attempted break-ins. Intruders look for an easy option and the harder you make it for them to gain entry, the more likely they are to give up and move on. Harden doors are solid, many times steel re-enforced and windowless. Dead bolts and a solid steel frames are usually warranted, but ESI recommends that nothing protects a property, dwelling and people like the threat of so-to-be arriving police and emergency help if they are needed because a break in occurred. Smart security is the best solution for preventing burglaries and catching criminals who engage in them.

ESI for all your Jacksonville Home and Business Security Needs

Let ESI, Emergency Systems Inc demonstrate how a state of the art security system can make your life easier and safer, help you manage your security needs and at the same time provide a relatively stress free environment. We take all of the worries and hassles out of protecting you, your family, employees and business. Our consultations are free and our security specialist have been providing Jacksonville security system solutions for over 30 years. Give ESI a call today at 904 -388-3975 or visit our website at GetESI.Com.

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