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Data Center Fire Prevention

One of the most costly and sensitive informational operations today are housed in computer data centers and clean room facilities. These sensitive data centers or computer rooms not only serve as the nerve centers for most businesses these days they actually are the heart and soul of the technology that keeps many businesses alive. A fire breakout or even a smoke infiltration could be one of the most catastrophic events that can take place, disrupting and sometimes crippling the operational workplace. A fire event in this area of your business could destroy expensive computers, data ports and servers as well as vital information essential to your day to day operations. Most hardware can be replaced but mission sensitive information and the resulting systems downtime can have serious consequences to most business operations. ESI, Emergency Systems Inc. is an alarm and security company well versed in designing security, intrusion and fire alarm protection for data centers. For over 40 years ESI has been installing and monitoring these complex security shields and have some very important tips that can minimize the risk of a fire or smoke event occurring in your computer room facility.

How Can You Minimize your Fire Potential?

Manage the clutter: Many times, computer rooms and data centers become a repository for boxes of paper, a storage facility for files and sometimes even housing cleaning equipment and combustible materials making for a dangerous situation if a fire were to start. ESI’s remedy is to not make your computer rooms a catch-all receptacle for these kinds of potentially hazardous materials.

Have an Effective Housekeeping Plan: One of the most combustible particles that can collect in work areas is dust particles in and around computers and servers, copiers and printers. These particles can cause a significant fire threat if not properly removed on a continuous basis. Inspection on an ongoing basis will reduce the danger these particles can cause.

Inspect all Power Cords and Power Outlets: One of the most potentially dangerous articles that collect in computer rooms and data centers is the amount of electric cords and data lines used in the operational processes. Some carry a very low level of electric current, but some have an electric overload capacity and use issue. Worn, frayed or improperly installed electric cords or outlets need to be inspected especially if your computer rooms are in an expansion mode.

Let ESI Install a Fire Protection System: While many businesses employ water suppression/sprinkler system in many parts of their facility, water-based fire sprinklers are not a wise choice for a computer data center. Fire suppression needs to be alarm based in these sensitive electronic areas of your facility. ESI does recommend clean agent, fire suppression systems that replace water suppression that can damage your sensitive electronic equipment if a fire were to breakout. Data room and clean room monitoring is also an added effective step in identifying early detection of smoke and electrical fires. Additionally, besides smoke and fire the third leading cause of damage in these very sensitive rooms is high temperatures and high humidity very common in Florida climates. ESI is a security expert in designing and monitoring systems that can control and detect when the environment in your clean room or data centers are not operating within the proper limits.

Have a Fire Response Plan in Place: Make sure your computer rooms have fire extinguishers that have been inspected on a regular basis. ESI is big proponent of providing training for all your employees on how to properly operate fire retardant equipment. ESI also recommends you institute a fire evacuation plan to protect your employees.

Schedule an ESI Fire Review Plan: If you are installing a data center or have recently expanded your computer facility it is important to have a fire prevention and detection system that is as up to date as the equipment you are using. That is where ESI comes in. With over 40 years of experience, ESI, Emergency Systems Inc. is the commercial leader in security system design, installation, inspection and repair. We have the products, expertise and knowledge to design and monitor a fire alarm and security alarm system for any type of data center or computer clean room facility. Our mission is to create a security and fire outbreak shield that is both effective and affordable. All our security devices are UL approved and comply with all local, state and federal fire codes. ESI is a full-service fire and alarm protection service provider for commercial, industrial and high-end residential properties. Give us a call at 904-388-3975 for a free analysis by highly trained and knowledgeable security technicians. Visit our website @ GetEsi.Com for a complete list of our products and services.