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Deep Sentinel


Video Surveillance Technology Backed by Live Guards

Live Guard Surveillance combined with Audio Guard Engagement=Impenetrable Security Shield Technology

ESI, the leader in providing seamless security alarm protection has once again acquired a state-of-the-art security technology by partnering with one of the security alarm industries foremost providers, Deep Sentinel.

  • This exclusive offering provides the best video monitoring solution for a variety of applications. By combining an online/real-time video surveillance camera with live monitoring guards, allows homes and business to actively detect, intervene and prevent a crime from taking place. This product is also a fact-based, evidence-gathering tool useful for law enforcement.
  • By combining advanced video security cameras with proactive, live remote guards, the system can voice engage potential criminals the moment they breach a customer’s property. This is accomplished by the use of the camera’s 2-way speaker and microphone, so active voice engagement can take place with anyone breaching a secured zone.
  • Deep Sentinel is the ultimate in smart security technology offering the only system that prevents crime before it starts. Though our state-of-the-art AI technology and 24/7 Live Guard Surveillance, Deep Sentinel is the only video surveillance system that provides live guards who monitor and can voice engage, any threat before it reaches your home, office or business.
  • Deep Sentinel cameras stream any activity on your property within seconds to our local AI smart monitoring hub. They, in turn, sort the noise from potential threats, while our Live/Sentinel Guards monitor 24/7 for suspicious activity. We can engage potential criminals with two-way audio and/or contact police within seconds, not minutes, to protect your property.

This system detects threats five times faster than any other outdoor security camera system.

How Does it Work?

Camera Detects Motion

Motion wakes up the camera and immediately starts to record video to the monitoring hub over a secure private wireless signal.

Artificial Intelligence Assesses the Situation

Artificial Intelligence on the Hub separates potential threats like human beings from useless events such as cars or animals. The bright red LED ring starts spinning when potential threats are detected.

Guards Engaged

The hub streams the live video feed via your high-speed internet connection to Deep Sentinel’s secure cloud.

Guard Evaluation

Professionally trained guard at our Live/Sentinel center is assigned to the live video stream in real-time, analyzing all the information to decide whether an intervention is necessary. Guards respond in seconds.

Guard Intervention

Guards intervene directly using the camera’s 2-way 104dB audio or built-in siren. Often, a “hello” is all that’s needed to engage any would-be intruder.

Law Enforcement Contacted

Audio Security Guards call local law enforcement and the homeowner or business owner. Calls to law enforcement are taken seriously because Live/Sentinel reports a “verified”, non-false alarm in-progress or active situation including suspect description & suspicious behavior.

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CCTV Cameras & Video Surveillance Equipment

Deep Sentinel offers a variety of wireless and PoE video camera system solutions that can be paired with our live guard services for the most advanced surveillance systems available today.

DS2 Wireless Solution

  • Completely wireless & hassle-free maintenance and installation
  • Battery and Power plug-in built in
  • Most popular options for residential homes and small-to-medium size business
  • Expands any security shield apparatus in place

PoE Camera Systems

  • Fastest data transmissions for 2K and 4K video quality viewing
  • Even provides color nighttime vision capabilities
  • This is the most popular option for large outdoor and in-door needs like warehouses, construction sites, parking facilities, car lots, large commercial buildings and military installations
  • PoE is a (power over ethernet) technique to deliver DC power through cabling, eliminating the need for a separate power source.

Third Part Cameras

  • Integration capabilities of Deep Sentinel’s live security surveillance services with existing PoE cameras
  • Numerous camera models available with more to be certified
  • Now in beta testing and development