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Deterring The Threat

Smart Security System – Deterring The Threat

The number one priority of any home security system is to deter a crime before one has been committed. At ESI, Emergency Systems Inc. our number one priority is to help home owners do just that.  When we install a smart home security system we always insure the main exits and entrances to a home, have an ESI Security sign saying this house is protected by one of the leading security companies in the country. Burglars always look to see if they can find a home that has easy accessibility, that the inhabitants are not at home and there is no visible sign of a security system to alert their intrusion. Well placed yard signs that inform your home is protected by a “smart security system” is the first step in thwarting potential crooks.

Never Buy a Fake Security Sign

Security signage unfortunately is available from many sources like and buying a fake security sign for displaying in your yard instead of employing a certified home security company to protect it, is not a good idea. First, most burglars are experienced and when faced with a yard sign many go further to see if the home is protected.  Many burglars have smart phones and can easily detect if the security sign is outdated or has been replaced with a newer version. If the house looks like it can yield cash, jewelry or valuables, some burglars might attempt to intrude anyway and without a security system to protect you, those valuables are lost and inhabitants are at increased risk. If there is a break in and someone is home with no security system to protect them, the intruder has the upper hand. No loved one’s lives are worth the small price of a monthly security fee to protect them. Most importantly a smart home security system from ESI does more than just protect your home in case of invasion. First of all, if a burglary does take place, no alarms will sound and no emergency services will be dispatched without a system to protect you. Second, if a fire is started or water damage is initiated, the proper security system will alert emergency personal and damage can be kept to a minimum.

Fake is a Mistake

Having a fake home security is just as stupid and unwise as buying a fake security sign. Trying to trick a thief with an unmonitored security camera or other fake security device is a risky and unsafe way of protecting your home. Sometimes if the fake devices are revealed to a potential intruder, using such items will inform a burglar that there are items of value the homeowner has gone to a lot of trouble protecting.

The safest way to really protect your house and property, is to invest in a professionally installed home security system from ESI. Our systems are designed with your protection in mind and can be custom fit to your specific needs.

Installing the Right Security

Many options and choices are available when deciding on the right Jacksonville home security system for your house or business. ESI security systems are designed to incorporate as many features as desired by the home owner. We carry the most up to-date of security systems that come in a wide variety of choices and have many options. Every home security system comes with a protection packages that can include: flood, fire, door & window security breaches, safe locks, motion detectors, motion detecting lights, 24-hour monitoring, gate operating devices, smart phone activation and control and many more features. CCTV or security cameras add an additional layer of protection and all of our ‘smart home security systems” come with a full  manufacturer’s warranty and economical extended warranties are available. Your valuables and loved ones should never spend a minute at home alone, unprotected. Our local Central Monitoring Stations never close, that means 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year protection.

What Should you do about Home Security

The best advice we can give you is to let one of our home security professionals customize a home security system for you. Our consultations are free and we have been serving North and North Central Florida homes and businesses since 1979. ESI is a security specialist that offer’s convenient terms and affordable security systems for home, office, warehouse and industrial applications. Call us today at 904-388-3975 or visit us on our website at


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