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Do I Really Need a Security Company In Jacksonville FL

If you are wondering if your home security may be threatened, you might also be questioning if having a professionally designed and installed security system is really necessary living in Jacksonville Florida. The U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigations made some very recent predictions, based on past and current home invasion data, that 1 in 3 homes not currently protected by security systems will fall victim to a burglary or home invasion at some point in time as compared to only 1 in every 250 homes with some type of alarm installed. Additionally, the national crime rate statistic on home invasions that take place every 13 seconds in this country equates to over 6,000 burglaries each and every day. The math is very easy that by installing a home security system drastically reduces the chances your home will be robbed or worse. Today more than ever, the need for an active, monitored, and professionally installed home security and alarm system has become a necessity not a luxury if you plan on protecting the things you hold most dear. For over 40 years, 1000’s of commercial businesses and residential homes in the North Florida area have been installing security alarm systems designed by ESI, Emergency Systems Inc. We are a professional security alarm company right here in Jacksonville Florida building security alarm shields second to none. We also professionally monitor our alarm systems from our local, central monitoring station managed by trained security technicians. We leave no stone unturned when it comes to protecting your home, office, or business using state-of-the-art security components made by the world’s leading manufacturers.

Security Alarms can do much more than just prohibit intruders from compromising your security shield especially if they are professionally designed security systems from ESI protecting against fire, smoke, carbon monoxide, internal and external theft, and much more. ESI designs systems for all types of security needs including keyless entry/access control devices, video surveillance, and CCTV, cellular boosting, motion detection, and even forensic marking devices to aid police in the re-capture of goods and perpetrators who commit crimes. Unfortunately, non-professional grade security components that you can buy at the Big Box stores in almost all cases only allow you to lock and unlock a door and have video surveillance attached to those components. If you are relying on these types of marginal security alarm products to protect you,  God forbid there is a fire, smoke inhalation, or even worse, deadly carbon monoxide fumes occurring in the dwelling. Detection of these security issues is not part of the home security protection packages you can buy and install yourself.

Why Choose ESI for all Your Security Needs?

If you are looking for an affordable, professionally designed and installed security alarm system from a security company in Jacksonville Fl look no further than ESI, Emergency Systems Inc. We not only represent the world’s most advanced security alarm manufacturers, whose cutting-edge technology prevents intrusion from some of the most sophisticated crooks on the planet, but we also design every type of security shield specific to meet your unique needs. That all starts with a free, no-obligation security consultation from one of our highly trained professional security technicians. No two dwellings are the same and no two security needs are either. Security systems are only as good as their design implementation. Online monitoring is essential for the security system to give you optimum results and performance. Internal motion-sensing camera systems like Videofied, give owners and monitoring station technicians distinct advantages in determining, real, active alarm activations verse false alarms. In today’s fast-paced world, having online capabilities to activate, de-activate, monitor, and make security component choice activations is a real advantage in the assurance of having modern capabilities to defend one’s home, office, or business. Make the right choice and call a security alarm expert at ESI. Call today at 904-388-3975 for the sake of your family, employees, and customers. You will be glad you did.