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Do Non-Commercial Grade Residential Security Alarms Have Any Limitations?

Buying residential security alarms off the internet or in Big-Box stores has become a popular way of trying to protect homes and an attempt to deter intruders. However, there are many limitations consumers need to be aware of before investing in these expensive products.

At ESI, Emergency Systems Inc. one of Jacksonville’s largest and oldest security alarm companies we have been privately purchasing these types of products to uncover the real flaws in providing seamless security alarm protection.

According to industry experts like ESI, there is nothing worse than having a false sense of security that products sold to replicate professional alarm components, at a slightly cheaper cost, may not be up to the task of providing the very protection consumers are looking for. To prove the debate one way or the other, we bought, installed, monitored and tested many of the most popular products sold by local stores to protect residential dwellings. The individual components we purchased were Door Bell Cameras, Door Alarms, Motion Detectors, Surveillance Cameras and simple, battery monitoring stations. DIY installation Security Alarm Systems have many issues for the average consumer.

Below are our conclusions on how effective these products really are.

  1. Non -Commercial grade, products not manufactured for professional security alarm companies have many flaws chief among them is their durability, self-life, resistance to elements and repair availability.
  2. False alarms: One of the significant limitations is the possibility of false alarms, which can be triggered by pets, small animals, or even strong gusts of wind. This can lead to complacency among neighbors and law enforcement, who may not respond as urgently to repeated false alarms.
  3. Vulnerability to power outages: Many security alarms are reliant on battery and some on hard wired electricity if the homeowner can master the installation. During a power outage, the system might fail, leaving the house vulnerable to intrusion.
  4. Limited coverage: Unless you have an extensive, multi-sensor security system, some areas of the house might remain unprotected. Intruders can take advantage of blind spots or gaps in the security coverage if the system is not designed for the specific property.
  5. Technical limitations: Some systems may be susceptible to technical glitches or hacking attempts, especially if they are not regularly updated or maintained. This can compromise the security of the entire system.
  6. Non-Commercial grade security alarm components are limited in effectiveness if the wireless system is not strong and stable enough to handle the load. Professional alarm companies like ESI can identify weak areas of transmission and create a seamless security shield.
  7. Cost: Over the counter security systems can be costly and based on our experience many are not worth the money to install and attempt to maintain, including periodic maintenance, battery replacement, and repairs or troubleshooting problems that can arise. This can be a very limiting factor for homeowners on a budget.
  8. Dependency on internet and communication networks: Many modern security systems rely on internet connectivity or specific communication networks. Any disruption in these services can compromise the effectiveness of the security system. A one-size-fits-all cookie cutter security product is not always effective in many modern dwellings.
  9. Inability to prevent crime: While many of these so-called security alarms can alert homeowners of potential intrusions, they have no professional monitoring apparatus, which may not necessarily prevent the crime from occurring. In some cases, intruders might be able to enter and leave before any action is taken if no one is at home to call police.

Why Choose ESI for the Right Design, Maintenance and Monitored Product?

It’s crucial to weigh these limitations against the benefits of having a professionally installed residential security alarm system. A comprehensive security plan should incorporate other measures such as secure locks, surveillance cameras, and a free, security analysis to ensure you are installing the right products and components to achieve the predictive outcomes of security effectiveness.

Neighborhood watch programs and sounding the alarm, when one is going off and no one is there to react, were not designed to effectively protect homes and maximize the safety of their occupants.

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