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Energy Management Systems for Florida’s Unpredictable Weather

As we get deeper into the spring and summer months here in Florida, and with so many people staying home these days for work, air conditioner systems will soon be running non-stop around the clock. As energy prices inch up, everyone is seeing their electrical bills go higher and higher, a cost most of us can ill afford.

Well, at ESI, Emergency Systems Inc. North Florida’s premier security alarm company we have just the thing for you!  An energy management system that can help you keep your bills in check all year long.

What is an Energy Management System?

Before getting too technical and into the nitty-gritty of how these systems can save you money, let’s take a moment to explain what an energy management system is. You probably have an idea already about smart home technology. Simply being able to operate your home or office’s energy-derived systems from your cellular smartphone. Energy management systems are a lot like that. These are tools that will allow someone, a homeowner, office manager, or business owner to more closely monitor and optimize their individual energy system’s performance. Through an app and/or a control panel, all of your major energy sources, air conditioners, lights, appliances, thermostats can now be managed from one central location. 

What are the different types of components a Home Energy Management Systems Manage? With a home automation installation, your energy management system will allow you to handle and control the following systems:

  • HVAC-Central Heating and Air Conditioning Systems

Whether you decide to set a timer and schedule the temperature in your dwelling or you just want to get your home or building, warmer or cooler while you’re let’s say driving back, using energy management systems can make sure your temperature is perfect just in time for your arrival. 

  • Rules

You can even set rules with your HVAC units “if this, then that”.  When you leave your home or office and put your security alarm on away, you can set a rule to turn all of the HVAC units up to say 78 degrees. You may then set a rule in the management system to activate those HVAC systems when your cellular phone or anyone’s designated phone crosses a geofence within a specific distance from the home, office or business to turn on specific HVAC units so it’s cool when someone arrives.  

  • Adjust Heating

While you might be using it right now you can also turn up or down the HVAC’s temperatures in the cold weather. Control your heat and kick it on when you’re coming back from say a vacation or even just getting out of bed to make your home’s temperature more comfortable. No struggling with an hour of cold, while you wait for your dwelling to warm up.

  • Lights On, and Lights Off

Forget to turn off the lights on your way out of the door? Or maybe you will want to schedule specific lights to turn on for someone’s late-night arrival? Maybe again you are away and want to give the appearance of activity in the building or home and signal to an intruder to look elsewhere for a break-in or worse?

Energy management systems from ESI security alarm company in Jacksonville fl will let you do just that!

  • Thermostats

As mentioned before, there are a number of unique ways you can better utilize your thermostat settings through an energy management system. Your cooling and heating settings can be pre-set to provide maximum comfort for specific times when your home or building is occupied. You can also sync it up with JEA or Florida Power to ensure the heavy lifting of bringing your building down to a comfortable temperature is done in the off-hours. Maybe limit the use of your system’s capacity during the on-peak times. With ESI’s cellular monitoring technology, controlling your cooling and heating through remote access is easy, because ESI makes it easy.

  • Lighting Control

HVAC systems aren’t the only place you could be losing energy efficiency.  Lights and lighting sources are the second most common source of energy inefficiency in most homes and buildings. When someone is not at home during the daytime, leaving lights on is a waste of electricity and money. Setting a standard time for all lights to go off with remote energy management can control the lighting of any location, at any time. Say a hallway light can be set to go on or off randomly as if you were there.

Out late at night with all the lights off and then turn them on as you cross a pre-determined geofence target before you reach your driveway. ESI’s home automation can provide both security and cost savings. These types of controls for smart home automation at the press of a button save time, energy and will reduce the stress associated with security issues.

Office, business, or home automation has now been taken to a whole new level.

Why Choose ESI for All Your Security Alarm Needs?

Energy conservation has now been made simple with an efficient energy management system. Once installed, all anyone needs for maximum savings is to input your preferences and the home automation system does the rest. In no time you can reduce your energy consumption, lower your electric bills and start saving.

ESI is a security alarm provider with over 40 years of experience. Please visit our website @ GetEsi.Com for a complete list of the commercial-grade products and services we offer, all at affordable pricing.

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