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Security Alarm Verification

Do you own a business that offers fee for services to customers like building contracting, site excavation, trucking, equipment storage, storage, mobile transportation, home building, property development, property management of commercial properties that include, condo’s, apartments, country clubs, and schools, daycares, churches or even guard and security services? Is your business a private enterprise providing products and services where securing property, its customers and employees is paramount to your company’s success? Are you a concerned homeowner with security concerns due to possessing valuable assets, having children or family members or the elderly at home that need protection 24/7? One of the biggest security issues facing these types of business owners, suppliers, vendors and home owners is securing the properties, their equipment, customers, and family members, in the face of escalating incidences of crime, intrusion and theft. The biggest problem facing law enforcement and first-responders is being able to verify that an emergency really does exist at the time the alarm is triggered. Over 90% of all alarms are false alarms and that means delays or even non-dispatched personnel if the dwelling or site has had repeated alarm triggers. There is a solution to these and many other security concerns facing businesses and home owners. ESI, Emergency Systems Inc. is a security company providing dynamic security shields for fire, sprinkler, access control, video surveillance, warehouse, parking and property protection, silent alarm, residential home security, monitoring and service and repair facilities for all security products.

ESI’s Security Remedy for False Alarms

During the past few years, ESI, Emergency Systems, Inc. has been installing indoor and outdoor security systems that included advanced video monitoring contained within a motion detector. The security device that is sweeping the country is called Videofied, a real-time video feed, contained in a motion detector. When activated this device allows monitoring to verify an alarm, to insure it is not false. This is a remarkable, real-time, verifiable alarm for both businesses and law enforcement to take appropriate action. According to Harvey Hudgins, owner of ESI, we have expanded these Videofied installations to include a mobile application to assist contractors and excavating companies located here in NE Florida. Contractors and excavators are finding great value in these Videofied Systems because this security equipment can be used over and over again in many locations. In other words, when the job is finished, the entire system can be moved to their next project saving them time and money.

Contractors Can Protect Their Equipment & Customers

ESI’s security equipment that they installed on these projects allows the construction companies to monitor their equipment, tools, and the project site itself while they are on the job and after hours. When the job is complete, the ESI team moves the entire system with them to their next job site. The way it works is that ESI installs an outdoor mobile security system like Videofied or CaptureCam. They set the contractor up with a base video unit, a motion detector, and a small keypad, all of which are entirely weather-proof. The motion detector/video recorder can be mounted wherever they feel it is needed most, like on a pole, shed, trailer, etc. Besides being waterproof and mobile, this system is completely wireless, and is installed with a super battery that typically lasts between 3-4 years. The Videofied system ESI installs has a built-in motion detector and snaps a quick video whenever movement is detected. If a potential intruder or animal sets off the motion detector, video footage gets immediately sent through the cellular network to our 24/7 monitoring center which then decides if the signal was a false alarm or potential intruder. When a potential intruder appears onsite at the location, monitors immediately notify police and the authorities to investigate the job site. Verified alarms are recognized by law enforcement as an immediate threat and respond accordingly. After the construction project is finished, the job manager simply requests that ESI quickly relocate the Videofied system to a new location that needs to be secured. Again, this is why contractors and excavators find such tremendous value in the Videofied security equipment.

Could a Videofied Security System Help You?

Anytime a security device can minimize theft, enable law enforcement to respond to a verified triggered alarm and provide added peace of mind security to your company’s job sites, everyone wins.  Contact ESI, Emergency Systems Inc. today for a free security analysis. Our highly trained technicians are prepared to give you all the options available at affordable prices.  Call ESI at (904)388-3975 for more information about how Videofied may be able to help your construction company.