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ESI’s Guide to Smart Home/Smart Office Technology

Whether you have recently purchased a new house, or happen to live in an historic one, there are several things that can make your home more technologically advanced. These new security applications are also scalable to any brick and mortar structure for office or business. Many unique features have been added to the latest security accessories and that can allow you to upgrade to what we call a smart home/smart office environment. ESI, Emergency Systems Inc. is Jacksonville’s most advanced security alarm company with worldwide connections bringing customers the latest most innovative technology available for home, office, and business.

Features That Will Make Life A Lot Easier

There are many apps available on smartphones to control a home or business security system. ESI’s smart home/smart office products of today are designed to make your life easier and much more secure with hands-on efficiency. Money-saving security products are specially designed to make your building much more energy-efficient. Let’s discover some of these security items so you can determine which ones suit your needs and individual security requirements.

Smart Home/Smart Office Trends and New Technologies

If you’re thinking about creating a Smart Home/ Smart Office, there’s certainly no shortage of technologies available. One of the most widely available products that can make your structure more efficient is smart lighting. LED smart lighting lasts longer and costs less to operate. Smart lighting can be turned on and off from anywhere, even change colors, and do a variety of things with just the press of a button or even the sound of your voice. The same applies to other appliances like thermostats, security system activation, and opening and closing doors.  While many are considered to be “old school products, new technological developments are making them more streamlined and advanced than ever.

Homes are Becoming Offices

Whether you have started working from home or need help making your structure more secure, there are several things you can incorporate into your security shield.

  • Wi-Fi Enhancers: If you’re having problems with your Internet connection, a Wi-Fi Booster/Cellular Boosting from SureCall can help. This product is easy to install, and produces faster Internet speeds and signals, from anywhere in the structure. This smart home/smart office product is perfect if you work from home in a rural area with a weak Wi-Fi signal or in any structure where the internet/cellular signal is too weak to be trusted for transmission.
  • Video Security in a Motion Detector: Videofied is a new, revolutionary product that records activity when a motion detector is activated. It is also portable and has re-usable applications for construction sites, perimeter security, garage, and lot security, etc.
  • Security Cameras: CCTV and Video surveillance is an effective security product to thwart and reduce the risk of security breaches. Commercial grade Cameras are an essential product that can keep your home, office, and business safe. Look for commercial cameras that include an app so you can monitor activity in and around your buildings remotely no matter where you are from your smartphone.
  •  Keyless Entry/Access Control Devices: Elimination of physical keys to unlock doors has tremendous advantages
  • Smart Locks: For the ultimate home/office security, the use of smart lock gives you can control from anywhere. These durable locks can also monitor whenever someone comes in and out of your dwelling, and you can assign users to operate the lock remotely.
  • Gates: If you have kids, employees or even pets, you will want to keep them as safe as possible. Automated gates that can open and close at the touch of an app keep everyone safe and secure.
  • Cyber Security: It is important to keep cybersecurity in mind also when developing security strategies. Identity theft protection is available from a range of sources and will alert you whenever someone tries to access your account, use your private information, access important non-secured sites and steal your credit or even your identity. ESI installs Digital Monitoring Products (DMP) alarm equipment to notify of hackers gaining access to your computer and your information.

Energy Efficiency Cutting-Edge Technology From ESI

Whether it’s a smart thermostat, a keyless entry device, or a security camera system, these high-tech security products can present an impenetrable shield that will make your home, office, commercial business, governmental facility, a warehouse or industrial complex more secure. ESI has been designing, installing, and repairing security components for over 40 years in the North Florida and South Georgia markets. We have tremendous experience in creating all types of security shields for every application possible. Give us a call at 904-388-3975 for a free security analysis and consultation.