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ESI’s Safety Tips for The Holiday Season-Home, Office and Business

Having a safe holiday means more than just keeping your family and your employees safe, happy, and secure. It means making sure that just about everything you hold dear is protected from living in these unsecured times we find ourselves in. Safety issues can happen at this time of year, putting a real damper on our holiday spirit. Letting that security guard down at home or at the office can often mean disaster if your property is not properly protected. Usually, complete protection includes a well-designed security alarm system and professional monitoring performed by trained personnel.

If you plan on leaving home for any extended period of time this holiday season, as many of us are, don’t take chances not being thoroughly protected. We often take for granted, that the homes we leave unprotected during this time of the year will remain safe throughout the holiday season.

At ESI, Emergency Systems Inc. Jacksonville’s largest commercial and residential security company, we know your biggest holiday concern is keeping your family, customers, employees, and assets well protected. ESI has over 40 years of experience providing modern, state-of-the-art commercial-grade, security alarm systems that are both effective and affordable.

We know December is the largest month of sales for most companies and thefts, break-ins and burglaries seem to go hand and hand with this time of the year. Seasonal criminals often take advantage of the many opportunities the holidays provide with many homes and offices left empty.

Below are ESI’s Holiday Season tips for commercial and residential owners. Let’s keep everyone safe this holiday season.

ESI’s Holiday Tip #1

An empty building or home is a soft target and is easy prey.  Even parked cars at shopping centers and malls, that might contain Christmas gifts, are broken into at a record pace.

We know vehicles have limited protection from break-ins and it is always a good idea to place your valuables in the trunk. When returning to your car always look around and make sure someone close doesn’t have mischief on their mind. Be constantly aware of any individuals in your immediate vicinity. Shopping centers today have stepped-up security measures but not all do.

EZSI’s Holiday Tip #2

The internet is becoming the most convenient way to shop, with purchases being delivered and arriving at all times of the day and night. Unfortunately, criminals are stealing packages in record numbers. It has been reported that crooks are actually following delivery trucks and stealing items as they are being delivered in many parts of Jacksonville.

Businesses too, getting packages and supplies and are having to install security surveillance video cameras. ESI recommends that valuable items being delivered should be signed for. Always be aware of anyone lurking around that does not look familiar. Do not approach anyone alone and if you catch them in the act of stealing an item, call the police immediately. Do not try and make the arrest yourself.

ESI’s Holiday Tip #3

If you receive a package in an identifiable box, do not put the empty box out until garbage day. Burglars love to identify items you have had delivered for Christmas. Don’t let your home become the next target for items of value. It is always a good idea to flatten and stack cardboard boxes destined for the garbage so they cannot be identified.

EZSI’s Holiday Tip #4

If you are leaving your home or retail business, consider putting indoor and outdoor lights on a timer. If you have multiple cars leave one in the driveway. Most criminals will not invade an occupied home or business. When a security system, installed by a professional security alarm company in Jacksonville fl is left guarding the house or business, you will have much less chance of being broken into.

ESI recommends installing Smart Security Systems which is an easy solution to solving these types of problems. Having the ability to remotely turn lights on and off, control your thermostat or even enable a security alarm system at will, is a convenience.  These remote access apps are a marvelous modern tool ESI security systems employ.

ESI’s Holiday Tip #5

Remember, a live Christmas tree in your home or office can become a fire hazard if left electrified. Employ low-voltage LED bulbs to reduce the risk of fire. Live Christmas trees need plenty of water to keep them moist, reducing the risk of drying out and becoming a fire hazard. Never leave Christmas tree lights on for long periods of time, especially unattended.

A Smart Security System from ESI has a virtual Keypad App that allows you to turn anything electrical on and off from anywhere you have cellular service, even a Christmas Tree.

ESI’s Holiday Tip #6

Wood-burning fireplaces need to be inspected every few years. Sappy woods like pine, fur, and spruce should never be burned because they can leave a residue that can re-ignite causing a fire.

Why You Should Choose ESI as All Your Security Alarm Company Needs

Nothing can ruin a burglar’s day more than seeing a sign that says “Protected and Monitored by ESI”. Emergency Systems Inc, has protected thousands of homes and businesses all over North Florida. Our award-winning and affordable “smart security systems” are scalable, offering maximum protection for any security application.

Since 1979, ESI has been providing commercial and residential security with fire alarms, burglar alarms, motion detectors, cellular boosting equipment, fire suppression and sprinklers, CCTV, video surveillance, panic and silent alarms, keyless entry/access control, and gate operating devices.

Call us at 904-388-3975 for a free security analysis provided by a professionally trained and knowledgeable security technician. We custom-build security shields designed for your specific needs all at an affordable price for your home or office. If you are looking for the best security alarm company in Jacksonville fl, look no further. Happy Holidays from the great folks at ESI.