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Fire Alarm Systems

Commercial Fire Alarm Systems

ESI is a Certified & Licensed Alarm Contractor in Florida & Georgia with over 38 years of professional experience designing, repairing and installing small to large fire alarm systems for commercial and high-end residential applications in Jacksonville and the surrounding areas of North and North Central Florida.

Giving you options and helping you to make the right choices is what ESI is all about. There have been major advancements in Fire Alarm Technology over the past few years and these innovations have led to improved systems providing better detection, verification and communications of fire and smoke. Our expert technicians evaluate all aspects of the fire system needs, meeting all codes, with an individualized plan to fit your budget. For existing system repairs or up-dates we look for opportunities to expand your system to enhance its detection, verification and alarm delivery to our Central Monitoring Station. Since 2010, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA 72) has changed its regulations of having 2 dedicated POTS lines (plain old telephone lines) for transmitting fire alarms and now allows cellular communication as the sole means for delivering signals ESI specializes in cost effective, advanced cellular technology that transmits a faster, more effective signal.

Fire Alarm System Installation

Our list of satisfied customers include every type of commercial application from small day care centers, restaurants, to off premises communication vaults, offices, retail, malls, high rises, hotels, apartment, condos, warehouses, schools, government & military facilities, aircraft hangars, commercial vessels and much, much more.

Cost Effective & Affordable technology form the world’s leading manufacturers. Since 1979, our motto has been to "provide our customers with what they need ...nothing more, nothing less". That principle has stayed with us for over 38 years: of being efficient, eliminating waste, and volume buying power from our manufactures which allows us to reduce the cost of our installations and pass along those saving to our customers.

We are a full-service contractor with in-house fire alarm system experts that can handle all aspects of the project including:

Design and Engineering

Professional Engineer (PE) Sealed Plans

Conduit and Pipe Work

Battery and Wiring Calculations


Professional Installation of the Equipment and Devices

Drawings and Plans

Certified Testing of the System

NFPA Completion and Testing Documentation


Final with AJH

Our technicians are factory trained and certified.

ESI is an authorized and certified dealer for:

Testing and Inspections

ESI is a Certified and Licensed Alarm Contractor in Jacksonville. Our employees and technicians are certified by NICET (National Institute of Certified Engineering Technicians). Our professional system certification program features:

Low Cost - Our 37 years experience saves us time. We pass the savings to you.

Complies with NFPA, UL, City and State requirements, codes and standards.

Quarterly, Semi-annual and Annual service

NFPA required provider agreement

Certified smoke detector sensitivity test as required.

Performed by factory trained and experienced technicians.

All required test and inspection tags, documents and reports.

Convenient schedules

Dynamic certified battery test

In the event the system needs repairs or equipment replacement:

Eliminates site visit charge if repairs made during test and inspection

Reduced charges for labor and parts

Large inventory for most systems equipment & parts

Re-test after repairs provided at no additional charge

Fire Sprinkler Monitoring

Fire Sprinkler Systems are intended to suppress or extinguish fires. Most municipalities and insurance companies require that fire sprinkler systems are monitored by a U.L. approved monitoring center such as ESI. We install the most technologically advanced fire sprinkler systems available complete with Flow Switches that can detect when there is water movement or a sudden drop in pressure which activates an alarm notification. Our Tamper Switches detect partial or fully closed sprinkler valves and also activates an alarm notification.

In addition to the notifying the fire department in the event of a sprinkler activation due to a fire, ESI’s monitoring of these sprinkler systems also provide notification in the event of the following issues:

Fire Pump Running - Most fire pumps when activated, will continue to run until manually shut down. If their activation is inadvertent or unknown, they can run until they destroy themselves.

Water is flowing due to a failure or break in the sprinkler system. This is extremely important during times when the building is unoccupied.

Low air in a "dry pipe" system. To prevent low temperature damage to the sprinkler systems pipes or other damage. Some systems have the water pipes filled with air until a fire is detected. If the air pressure part fails, the system can become "flooded" and cause damage.

Notifications in the event the supply water valves are turned off. The fire sprinkler system cannot function without water.

ESI is an expert in designing, repairing, installing and monitoring of sprinkler systems for commercial as well as high-end residential applications. Our goal is to create an economical "Turn Key" Fire Sprinkler Monitoring System using the most up-to-date technology available from the industry leading manufacturers.

Monitoring is provided in our UL listed Central Station by experienced and professionally trained monitors. We have serviced 1000’s of commercial customers including municipalities, government, military, retail, financial institutions and Fortune 500 customers as well. Give us a call today and let one of our expert technician help you choose the right sprinkler system to fit your needs aided by the best fire sprinkler monitoring group in the country.