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Forensic Marking

Forensic Marking Services


Forensic Marking Technology

You will be Marked, Caught, Tried and Convicted Because a DNA Marking Systems is Active on these Premises!

Selecta DNA: Is a cutting-edge, non-toxic, invisible forensic marking solution/mist, that contains a unique synthetic DNA code that can link a criminal, and items, and specific crime scene. This can provide law enforcement with an unbreakable chain of evidence for prosecution.

ESI, Emergency Systems Inc. is proud to be the unique supplier of this amazing crime fighting, 21st Century product. We are fast become the South’s leading crime-fighting security company. With the use of these modern-day products, ESI is leading the way in protecting every type of Brick and Mortar Facility with proven forensic tagging strategies that will protect people and property. By utilizing this cutting-edge forensic marking technology, from the manufacturer SelectDNA, ESI, Emergency Systems Inc. can substantially reduce facility exposure to robbery, burglary and unauthorized intrusion. If a crime is perpetrated, forensic marking systems provide law enforcement with the most powerful tool available to identify, apprehend and ensure conviction. This technology is both effective and affordable and has been proven to reduce the incident of crime a substantial rate of between 40% and 86%. Our highly skilled and trained security technicians are ready to demonstrate SelectDNA and put this effective crime detecting device to work for your company.

Criminal Tagging System

ESI has acquired a Criminal Tagging Systems that is no longer just a beta tested solution to fighting crimes as they have been in use now for over 10 years in 30-plus countries around the word. This is a proven, crime deterring device that protects brick and mortar properties against robbery, theft (both internal and external), burglary and unauthorized access. This marking system not only deters criminal activity, it also helps solve crimes and truly enhances outcomes for law enforcement. In the never-ending battle against crime, hard facilities have the capacity now to protect themselves with an affordable, stealthily forensic coded mist that tags perpetrators. This invisible forensic solution will remain on exposed skin for up to six weeks. Clothing absorption, two to three months and even hard surfaces for up to five years and in some cases even longer. These forensic markings are only visible with the use of special frequency UV lights. There are numerous activation modalities available including silent and panic alarms, activation by way of a money clips, RFID, EAS and even facial recognition response devices. These systems also have many additional marking devices for unique applications that are demonstrated below:

The Advanced Science

High-tech forensic marker (taggant /identifier) synthetically created in the same form and function as human/organic DNA – but more unique and durable ▪ Each unit provides a universally exclusive code. The solution’s sequence (forensic code) for each unit is created only once. Never replicated.
▪ Provides absolute identification certainty as each forensic code only exists on items, or criminals, from a sole source.
▪ Irrefutably links a criminal, or item, to a specific crime scene
▪ Durable: Stays on the skin up to 4 to 6 weeks, clothing 2 to 3 months and hard surfaces 5 years or more
▪ Analyzed via similar methods as organic DNA
▪ Safe: non-toxic, water-based and non-flammable solution. Thoroughly tested by independent third-party sources.

What Does This Technology Do?

PROACTIVELY PREVENTS CRIME   A Proven Solution, Deterrent and Significantly Reduces Crime.

REACTIVE INVESTIGATIONS AND RECOVERY If a crime is committed to enhance law enforcement effectiveness in identifying, then apprehension and then convicting criminals.


Since the inception of installation of the Criminal Tagging System at over 200 Bank of New Zealand locations, there only has been one robbery – resulting in the forensic identification, apprehension and conviction of the perpetrator.

  • Robbery

  • Burglary

  • Intrusion

  • Theft (external, internal)

  • Unauthorized Access

Technological History

These forensic tagging systems have been in use for over ten years in some 33 countries and on five continents affecting a reduction in crime averaging between 40% to 86% ▪ These forensic tagging systems have been in use by law enforcement across the globe effectively reducing crime and being used by 93% of police agencies in the United Kingdom▪ In continuous use and recommended by enterprise companies such as Chubb, AIG, Aviva, Allianz and many, many more. Most companies are receiving insurance premium discounts because of modern forensic measures. ▪ Select DNA is continually expanding their line of forensic science solutions addressing new crime-fighting challenges as they come on line ▪ This advanced crime-fighting technology is being brought to you by ESI, Emergency Systems Inc. We are a fully trained and authorized partner with CSIprotect, American agents for the Select DNA products and deployment.

Technology Users

Banks ■ Retail Stores ■ Jewelry Stores Museums ■ Libraries ■ Pharmacies Precious Metal Exchanges ■ Pawn Shops ■ Gun Shops ■ Convenience Stores Check Cashing Stores ■ Restaurants Schools ■ Warehouses ■ Construction Distribution Centers ■ Rail Systems Security Guard Companies ■ Cannabis ■ Sports Arenas ■ Entertainment Venues ■Gaming / Casinos ■ Scrap Metal Yards ■Collectibles/ Memorabilia ■ Airports


Federal ■ State ■ County ■ Local


Homes ■ Gated Communities ■ Apartment Complexes

Criminal Tagging System

A powerful deterrent to robbery, burglary, theft and unauthorized access to critical areas.  The security system is easily integrated with intrusion, access control and video systems, and other security technologies. Activated by a panic button, money clip, live remote monitoring, EAS, RFID and soon – FRT.  Once triggered, the system quickly mists intruders in a solution containing a unique forensic code and UV tracer.  Invisible to the naked eye, the solution is virtually impossible to remove from clothing, skin and items.  The fear-factor of the forensic system amongst criminals is high, vastly increasing likelihood of would-be criminals going elsewhere to commit crime.

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This Technology Has an International Data Base Secured Asset Registry

This is a no-cost, client registration, custom-built database of international proportions▪ Immediate online registration▪ LPS1224 Issue 3 accredited ▪ Searchable 24/7 by Law Enforcement ▪ Free registration of individual assets ▪ ISO27001 for Information Security