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High End Residential Security Systems

Since 2014, the Jacksonville real estate market has been making dramatic improvements in both the value of properties and in housing starts and sales. This real estate renaissance if you will, is due largely to the recent economic upswing and improvements that has taken place in this country coupled with low mortgage and interest rates that are still available. One barometric measurement of real estate stability can also be found in the housing starts of new homes and the development of apartments and condominium projects. Building in Florida is at an all-time high and construction for new homes and developments is rising exponentially. When the economy was stagnant, the majority of homes being sold were lower to middle income houses. Those current homeowners were experiencing lower that expected home values and consequently their ability to sell and buy up was limited. Today, a whole new housing picture and outlook is emerging and high-end homes are being bought and sold in record numbers. Interestingly enough, the cost of residential security systems for burglary, theft, fire and home invasion has remained steady over the past few years. New technologies combined with state-of-the-art communications has enabled commercial security companies to keep their costs down, making it affordable to have both; commercial grade security equipment installed and uncompromising security protection. ESI, Emergency Systems Inc. is a residential and commercial security company with almost 40 years of experience serving the North Central and North Florida marketplace. They have been designing, installing and upgrading security systems for high-end residential properties with economical products, local 24/7 monitoring and award-winning service.

Residential Security

Have a residential dwelling you want to upgrade to a keyless access system? ESI is your one-stop residential security source. Want to ensure an activated alarm is not a false alarm? ESI can install real-time video surveillance products, housed in a motion detector call Videofied. This product is being recognized by law enforcement and municipalities all over the country as a major source for verifying real alarms, verses false alarm activation’s. Have marginal cellular service that at certain times is spotty at best? ESI can install a Cellular Boasting Device called SureCall, to ensure you have seamless communication and protection. Building that one of a kind dream house and need fence and perimeter protection?  ESI can protect your job site from vandals, shady temporary workers, insurance claims and lost materials. Want to have the most up-to-date residential security alarm system available that can be controlled from anywhere in the world there is cellular service?  ESI wrote the book on access control through your own personal APP with features such as temperature control, open and closed door and window identification, time stamped entry and exiting, internal and external lighting control, video surveillance, motion detectors, gate operating devices for perimeter entry and many other features.  ESI is also a leader in providing commercial alarm protection for fire, smoke, water, burglar, perimeter, panic and silent alarms, access control devices, gate operating devices, CCTV’s and surveillance cameras, adult security protection, pendent security protection and much, much, more. Commercial grade, affordable security alarm products from the world’s leading manufacturers like GE Security, Honeywell, DSC, DMP, Silent Knight, Gentex, Bosch, Sony, Samsung and many more.

ESI, Emergency Systems Inc. is a local, commercial security provider for business, office, retail, commercial space, industrial, manufacturing and high-end residential properties. If you are looking for state-of-the-art security protection from one of the security industry leaders, look no further than ESI. We have over 40 highly trained and skilled employees that design, install, replace, repair, maintain and monitor security shields to protect what matters most to our clients. From employees, vendors, customers and visitors to your business to family members, young and old, ESI is a security specialist ready to serve your individual needs. We offer comprehensive security programs and plans, all at affordable prices. Give us a call today at 904-388-3975 for a free security analysis. Visit our website @ GetEsi.Com for a complete list and description of our products, services and credentials.