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Home Invasions

According to Wikipedia, a Home Invasion is an illegal and usually forceful entry into an occupied, private dwelling with specific intent to commit a violent crime against the occupants, such as robbery, assault, rape, murder or kidnapping. Unlike most home burglaries, which occur the majority of times to unoccupied dwellings, a Home Invasion is intentionally conducted knowing the residents are present. It is estimated that over 5 million households are burglarized each year in this country and that about 30% of these burglaries occur when household members are present.

Nationwide Statistics On Home Invasions

The US Department of Justice commissions a National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS) which reports crimes committed against victims present during a Home Invasions. It is estimated that over 300,000 of these crimes occur each year in this country. Moreover, the survey shows some alarming statistics that simple assault was the most common form of violence making up for 15% of the crimes, followed by robbery accounting for 7% and rape at 3% of the home invasion crimes. Additionally, 65% of the time offenders were known to their victims and 28% were classified as strangers or unknown at the time of the crime. Only 12% on average of these offenders were armed and 61% were unarmed when the violence occurred. Also reported was that households residing in single family dwellings made up the majority of burglaries where Home Invasions occurred.

Who are these Home Invaders?

Often times Home Invaders operate in pairs and sometimes groups of multiple accomplices or more. This allows them to exert greater control over the situation, their victim(s) and have better outcomes for the assailants.  Oftentimes one can invade the premises looking for valuables, guns, safe, cash etc. while the other accomplice(s) can control the victim(s). Home Invaders uses a multiple of tactics to perpetrate their crimes ranging from intimidation and the threat of violence, to actually bodily harm inflicted as a result of trying to persuade their victims to cooperate in a timely fashion.

Many more serious crimes can occur as a result of a Home Invasion such as abduction, kidnapping and even murder because of the privacy a Home Invasion affords.

The assailants use a variety of tactics ranging from impersonating officers of the law to door to door vendors selling products or conducting surveys.

How Do Home Invaders Choose Their Targets?

Because such a large % of Home Invasions occur between offenders knowing their victims, the habits and behaviors of victims are predictable and make the invasion easier to accomplish. This can also lead to more violent behaviors on the part of the intruders resulting in some cases kidnapping and even death.

Who is usually Targeted for a Home Invasion?

Seniors, the elderly, retirees, and housewives tend to be more vulnerable because they are less equipped to handle forceful intruders. They also possess more valuables as they age and acquire more wealth.

When Do Most Home Invasions Occur?

Although Home Invasions can occur at any time most targets are considered soft when victims are at their most vulnerable during the early afternoon hours. Seniors are often caught napping and house wives, finished doing the family errands are usually home alone. Additionally, neighbors of similar ages are either doing the same thing or are insulated to noise that occurs once the invasion has taken place.

How to Reduce Your Chances of Being Victimized

Protect yourself and your loved ones with a professionally installed Wireless Security System. Consider installing CCTV cameras and displaying Security System signage at high trafficked points of entry to your dwelling

  • Have a security check and vulnerability test conducted on old security systems and make sure the monitoring is done locally.
  • While at home it is not always convenient to have your security system activated but while napping or resting from the rigors of the day, activating your security system can detour would be intruders. Know how to initiate the Panic Alarm if one is installed. Also, by understanding and accessing your vulnerability, you can take precautions you might not otherwise take to secure your surroundings and protect your loved ones.
  • Never open the door to strangers for any reason. If a situation presents itself where you have to verify the identity of an individual, ask to see some identification through the door slot, peep hole or text it to you. For solicitations, surveys, etc. ask the individual to have their company call you or leave their information in your mailbox.
  • Use good quality window locks. Keep your windows locked at all times. There are also window locking devices that will allow you to open the windows for ventilation, but will prevent them from opening wide enough for anyone to get inside. Available at most hardware stores and locksmiths, and the alarm sensors on the windows can be configured for that also.
  • Have high strength window protection film installed on all ground-level windows. With some brands, once installed, you can’t even break the window with a hammer. Go online for local dealers and installers.
  • Install high quality door locks and deadbolts on all exterior doors. Make sure you use them even when you are at home. The best door locks are what’s called: ‘bump-proof’ or ‘pick-proof’.
  • Reinforce all of your exterior door frames with a high strength steel strike plate. Home Invaders kick-in doors. 70% of all kicked-in doors happen because the door frame breaks. Search online for different ways to reinforce all of your exterior door frames and the door from the garage into the house.

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