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How To Choose the Right Security Alarm Company

ESI, Emergency Systems Inc. is a commercial as well as residential security alarm company with offices here in Jacksonville. We have over 40 years of providing and designing security shields using the most up-to-date, cutting-edge technology developed by the world’s leading manufacturers. Security alarm companies and the products they incorporate into their security designs are as wide and varied as there are products on the market today. But taking a closer look at what makes up the right choice for choosing a security alarm company in Jacksonville Fl is defined by both their products and service. What makes up the different types of security alarm systems out there and which one is right for your dwelling and budget is something ESI knows a great deal about.

Different Types of Security Alarm Systems, Their Strengths and Weaknesses

Let’s suppose you are in the market for a security alarm system but don’t know much about them, the different types that are available and the unique differences between them. For the most part security alarm systems are only as good as the grade provided and their application of products that are needed to protect. There are distinct differences between alarm systems and the triggers used to detect alarms, as well as warn someone or something is awry. Triggers such as break-ins, break downs, disconnects, water intrusion, floods, carbon monoxide detection, smoke, fire, or ones that are purposely set off like panic and silent alarms. Our purpose here today is to look at the different types of alarm systems not the different triggers or protection apparatuses. 

Electronic Current Alarm Systems

Many commercial security alarm systems are connected to an electronic power source and are therefore called an electric current alarm system. They rely on an unbroken electric flow of current through points attached to windows, doors, and entranceways. These low voltage electronic currents flow between two pieces one on each of the closed properties. When the property, window, or door is opened the electronic flow is broken causing a triggered alarm. When the door is closed the current is complete and therefore all green. The biggest setback for using these types of alarm systems is a power outage disables them completely.

Hard Wired Alarm Security

A wired alarm security system uses a telephone landline to transmit a signal to a central monitoring station like the local one we have here at ESI. These monitoring centers are manned 24/7 by highly trained security personnel ready to determine if an active alarm is in progress and dispatch the proper response team. These wired security systems have a very stable connection until the wire is damaged, cut, or broken. Powerful storms can sometimes take out a wired alarm system. ESI repairs replaces and installs hard-wired alarm systems usually depending on the building, specific customer need, and budgetary requirements. We also recommend a cellular backup to prevent any loss of security service.

Wireless Security Alarm Systems

At ESI our most popular security alarm systems is a “smart choice” state-of-the-art cellular transmitted wireless device. The sensor system is the same used to detect a break-in or other breaches of security but the transmission of the alarm is done completely wirelessly. Cellular transmitted wireless systems have many advantages to them including shield penetration, transmission speed, and versatility of cellular device interaction. Arming, disarming and remote access is the key advantage from any cellular devices anywhere there is cellular service. This smart functionality, to view even video feed in real-time, is very popular with smartphone users responsible for monitoring building security.

Monitored Security Alarm Systems

The largest advantage a property owner has when relying on a security alarm shield to protect their property, clients, customers, vendors, family members and assets is having a professional monitoring technician actively monitoring their alarm apparatus. An unmonitored alarm is only known when someone is close by and can react to the situation at hand. Monitored security systems have a distinct advantage or unmonitored systems for reliability, response time to alarms and deployment of first responder personnel if necessary and appropriate. The monitoring station can also inquire about the validity of an alarm activation and that many times is the difference between reacting to a false alarm and one that is actually taking place.

Unmonitored Security Alarm Systems

All of the “Big Box” store security alarm products are not made of commercial grade security alarm materials and are not professionally monitored alarm systems. These really represent a false sense of security when it comes to protecting what matters most. Audible signals, flashing lights and beeping sounds usually do not deter a burglar set on breaking into a dwelling. A compromised, unmonitored alarm system in many cases is only known to the perpetrator not the security system maintenance personnel which is a real problem. The old adage, “you get what you pay” for in this case is a clear disadvantage when so much is riding on a security system capable of deterring, detecting, warning and responding to an alarm event.   

Why Choose ESI for All Your Security Alarm Needs?

For over 40 years, Harvey Hudgins, owner and operator of ESI, and his security team of expert technicians have been designing, repairing, and installing the best, most efficient, and affordable security systems available anywhere in the world. We offer free, no-obligation security reviews and consultations. We want to earn your business and be your only security alarm service provider anywhere you have property in Florida and South Georgia. Give us a call at 904 388-3975 and see what a difference ESI can make in your security shield needs.