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Marijuana Security

Marijuana Security Services

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Security for the Cannabis/Marijuana Industry

Florida’s new cannabis industry is experiencing tremendous growth, despite marijuana use and medical marijuana being illegal in many states and under U.S. Federal Law. Medical marijuana has been found to relieve many common ailments and pain caused by headaches and diseases.  Treatments of cancer, Parkinson’s disease as well as some long-term conditions like glaucoma have found this drug useful. Marijuana or Cannabis as it is being referred to, is being cultivated for medical purposes in 29 states and the District of Columbia, and another eight states and the District of Columbia have legalized recreational use of cannabis products. Canada has recently legalized marijuana for both medical and recreational use. Additionally, many countries around the world have found the medicinal purposes for cannabis to treat a variety of ailments useful and have now legalized it also.  Despite the reversal of federal enforcement policies, nearly every industry expert believes that legal marijuana is here to stay and will continue to be legalized state by state. The massive amounts of taxes that will be collected now that there is legalization (expected to be over $6.7B in 2018 alone) combined with an effective government control is unleashing a new rash of public sentiment for these substances to be available.

For owners, operators and facilities managers charged with protecting medicinal and/or recreational marijuana retail sites, growing operation, or both, the stakes are very high. Due to the desirable nature of these products and the untraceable street resale value, security protection is a priority.  Also, many marijuana retailers obtain a lot of cash on a day to day basis making professional security systems essential to protecting the entire legal cannabis industry.

At ESI, Emergency Systems, Inc., our 40 years of working with thousands of small businesses and top 30 U.S. retailers, have enabled us to develop security strategies combating everything from employee theft, shoplifting to smash-and-grab thefts and after hour break ins.

These new marijuana retailers are similar to a pharmacy, bank, jewelry store or any other precious retail supplier that deals in a high-value product and as a cash-rich business is very appealing to thieves. This new industry retailer is still on a learning curve when it comes to preventing and securing products essential to their business output. Security consultants like ESI are a valuable resource in protecting assets, employees and customers.

Emergency Systems, Inc. has put together security tips for growers, retailers and cannabis business suppliers covering a full gamut of security concerns. From design, installation and monitoring, ESI is with you every step of the way. Our goal is to ensure you are protected from burglary, fire, break-ins and internal mayhem while at the same time allow you to run a safe, secure and profitable enterprise.

Choosing the Right Security System

It’s important to choose the right security shield for your business, home or office especially when meeting state requirements in a regulated industry such as with cannabis products. It’s also important to get the most value for your investment that should include monitoring as well. Security systems go just so far in preventing, detecting and alerting an emergency breach and a highly experienced monitoring staff is as important as the security system itself. Because of the compliance needs of this industry, the security system must do more than just protect against a crime being committed. The States of Florida and Georgia require a compliance verification system and the design elements including the equipment used and the placement employed is critical to following their strict guidelines to prove compliance is being met. Unlike many businesses, the cannabis industry is viewed as any pharmaceutical product and when the stakes are this high, compliance to regulations is essential. For instance, video cameras and video surveillance must be able to detect any security breach and can never be down for any reason. Commercial security providers like ESI are responsible for reporting any outages that might take place in the event of a system failure. That is why it so important to have a security expert installing UL approved devices and provide professional monitoring as well. Our 24-hour central monitoring station is staffed with highly trained personnel equipped to handle any security breach detection. ESI is a fully licensed and insured professional security provider that meets all Florida and Georgia requirements. Our security technicians actually design security systems that exceed state requirements ensuring you are getting the best possible protection, in compliance, at the best possible price.

Employ a Security Company Experienced with Regulated Security Systems

Don’t pay for a security system that is not tailored to your specific state requirements. Always inquire about the security companies experience installing systems for heavily regulated industries and their understanding and familiarity with specific state requirements.

Every component including the security system itself, the server, the power supply and back-up systems all need to be meticulously designed and installed by a security expert. These security systems also have to be specifically selected to meet the state requirements. The more experienced your security provider, the better. ESI, Emergency Systems Inc. has 40 years of experience in engineering security systems tailored to meet state and, in some cases, federal guidelines.

Make Sure You Understand all the Security Options Available
Is There Room To Expand
Always Go Beyond Compliance
Install Commercial Grade Security Cameras for Full Room Views
Get the Best Monitoring Center Available
Early and Immediate Detection is Critical to Success
Real-time Notices Should be Sent 24/7
Use the Same External Security Shield a Bank Would Use
Inside Jobs are the Most Likely to Occur
Don’t Ever Hide your Security System
Don’t Make it Easy for Anyone to Beat the System
Restrict Access To Your Facility