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Central Monitoring Station

Everyday since 1979 ESI, locally owned and operated, provides affordable and dependable un-paralleled monitoring service 24 hours a day.

Our modern, State of the Art monitoring center features innovative, cutting edge technology, equipment and professionally trained operators who provide monitoring service.

The latest Dell Computers & Servers - upgraded annually.

"Hot" redundant systems - automatically switches to back-up systems without missing a beat.

The very latest in Firewall & virus protection to ensure the security of our customers data and information.

Comprehensive Disaster Recovery Plan.

BOSCH, DMP, Surguard, Honeywell and IP receivers - Only the best

Specialized alarm monitoring software & programs by Micro Key Solutions.

Entire structure was built to hurricane shelter standards.

Completely self-contained monitoring station has not one but three (3) back-up generators and four (4) air conditioners.

Ultra High Speed Network / Internet Connection.

ESI's Certifications

Listed and Approved by Underwriters Laboratories (UL)

Florida State License

State Licensed and Certified Alarm Contractor  EF 0000087

Georgia State License

State Licensed and Certified Low Voltage Contractor LV A004183

NICET - Level IV

National Institute of Certified Engineering Technicians

Police Dept. Registration

Jacksonville Police Department Registration #001

ESI's Central Monitoring Station - Simply Setting the Standard

Internet and VoIP monitoring - Ultra fast and UL AA approved.

No Long Term Contracts Required - Only ESI offers month to month agreements.

Reduced monitoring charges for 1 and 3 year agreements.

Because we own and staff our monitoring center we can provide monitoring options and features other monitoring centers don't even talk about, and at lower rates.

Monitoring Services

ESI Can Monitor & Service All Major Brands and Systems - Monitoring Center Services, Options & Features

Security, Intrusion and Burglary Alarm

Vault and Safe Alarms - UL AA approved

Fire Sprinkler Monitoring - UL approved

High / Low Water - Flood

Equipment Tampering

Equipment Running / Equipment Not Running

Temporary construction offices and trailers

Boats and vessels - In the water or on a trailer

Silent Hold-Up & Panic Alarms / CRN Dual Alarm Reporting Back-up Radio

Fire Alarm Monitoring - UL approved

Cooler / Freezer Temperature Monitoring - Hi / Lo Temp

High Pressure / Low pressure

Electrical Power Outage

Storage building / Out building / Remote Sites

Heavy Equipment

Monitoring Systems

Options and Features

No Telephone Service? ESI can still monitor your system

Using VoIP (Vonage) for you telephone service?
There are alternative ways we can monitor your system such as over the internet or by cellular (GSM), these services are ultra-fast and UL AA approved.

Early opening (system disarmed) notification - Commercial Only

Daily automatic system self test

Opened By (user name) / Closed By (user name) -Commercial Only

Open/Close (system armed/disarmed) Status - Commercial Only

ESI Can Monitor & Service All Major Brands and Systems

Phone line outage or tampering

Expanded system reporting - supervisory and trouble conditions of the control panel

Failed to Close (system armed) notification - Commercial Only