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Professional Alarm Monitoring – The Key to Successful Security Management

For some people, alarm monitoring is just one of those services that we offer here at ESI, Emergency Systems Inc. The reason we have spent so much time and investment in our monitoring station is because it is a crucial piece of a security alarm system and plan. Whether you are a residential homeowner or commercial business owner our question is, is your security system equipped with professional alarm monitoring? If you’re not sure why you would need it, read on because we are going to give you everything you need to know about this essential and necessary feature of a comprehensive security package and protective shield.

What is Alarm Monitoring?

To put it in the simplest terms, alarm monitoring is the live, real-time surveillance of a security system by a third party, in this case, ESI’s central monitoring station, which provides fast communication in the event an alarm is triggered. The security provider, ESI, keeps an eye on the residential or commercial security system 24/7 to ensure that no matter when the alarm comes through, it’s acted upon immediately. There are simply no delays between the time the alarm is activated and an immediate assessment of the cause and nature of the activation. This might mean simply an alarm deactivation or notification to the responsible party, or it might mean immediate notification to the authorities or first-responders if necessary.

While the specifics or process might vary by security providers, all of these systems have the same basic elements. There are alarm sensors, on doors and/or windows, motion detectors, fire, smoke, and flood alarms, and any specialized sensors for temperature variations, etc. These sensors are then hooked into a central control panel that acts as the hub for the entire security system and can connect either through a telephone or internet line to the security provider’s central monitoring location. When a sensor triggers, it sends a notice to the control panel which triggers an alarm for both the home, business, office, or industrial complex and of course the professional alarm monitoring team.

That initial signal from the control panel alerts the alarm monitoring team at the central station so they can then go through a few standardized steps to ensure the best and proper response for any alarm activation.

First, depending on the type of alarm activated, the security monitors will call the homeowner or building manager responsible to verify the emergency. Second, and most importantly the monitors will try and determine if the alarm is a false alarm, like when someone enters a door and forgets to enter a code fast enough, or the wrong code initially and then reenters the right one, that sort of thing.

If the homeowner or business owner doesn’t respond, the next step is an immediate call to the correct emergency services. Many systems can also have an ‘Immediate Alarm’ feature that doesn’t alert the home or any intruders and also doesn’t rely on a confirmation call. Instead, the alert goes right to the monitor company which will then alert the proper authorities immediately. 

When these types of alarms are triggered, they will send the critical information necessary for a proper response. The central alarm monitoring station will have the information that the authorities need; address, contact info, any special access requirements, and of course what particular sensor was triggered. Fire and smoke for the fire department, intruder alarm for police.

So, Do You Need Alarm Monitoring?

Unmonitored alarms have limited benefits on their own. An unmonitored alarm will be one that only delivers a local sound alert, a noise that will signal to anyone in the immediate vicinity, including intruders, that something is up and that the security system has detected some type of security breach or emergency event. This might frighten off a less committed intruder, but more often than not, potential burglars will have planned out when they were breaking in. Unfortunately, many of the potential emergencies your alarm sensors will detect are beyond the scope of a homeowner or absent business owner to effectively handle themselves. – Burglaries, fire, smoke, and flood alarms need a response from the appropriate emergency departments for effective resolution. This security void is one of the absent security elements in all non-commercial, store-bought, or online do-it-yourself security systems. How many homeowners who have purchased one of these types of security systems, have had to remotely determine what has happened if anything because an alarm was sent to their cell phone with no apparent resolution attached?

Big Mistake relying on a neighbor to try and assess or determine the next critical step to be taken in the event of a security alarm going off at any hour of the day or night because you are not home. There is a simple solution.

Why Choose ESI’s Monitoring Services

ESI, Emergency Systems Inc. has over 40 years of service providing security alarm systems and professional monitoring services for residential and commercial applications. We have invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in our monitoring stations, from training qualified personnel to equipping our stations with the best and most advanced security monitoring equipment available. We continuously strive for a perfect record in recording, detecting, and responding to alarm activations so you get the best security protection available. Give us a call at 904-388-3975 to discuss these and all of our security alarm services.

If you are looking for the most affordable and experienced security alarm company in Jacksonville, there is no better value than ESI.