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Protecting the thing’s you Love!

Home Protection

It’s always a good idea to start the New Year off right, by reflecting on the past year’s opportunities and a look forward, towards prosperity and renewed optimism.  Protecting the thing’s you love works in just about the same way. Insuring that your family, property and assets are safe and secure, protected from intrusion and crime.  In 2016 it is estimated that a home burglary occurred every 15 seconds in this country. Millions and millions of homes burglarized, vandalized, robbed or intruded, a statistic we as homeowners need to come to grips with. ESI, Emergency Systems Inc. is a residential and business security company protecting 1000’s of homeowners and businesses in the North Central and North Florida area for almost 40 years.

We have 8 simple security steps that can be taken to deter a home invasion and promote safe space for you and your family. We call these 8 security steps, 8 layers of security every homeowner needs to employ for maximum home protection.

8 Layers of Security Protection

  1. Having Visible Window & Door Locks

    Home owners need to think of their windows and doors as the first line of protection from intrusion. Make it difficult for any burglar to attempt to penetrate your security. Strong, well-made doors and sturdy locks are a burglars numbered 1 deterrent from gaining access to your home.

  1. Keep your Doors & Windows Locked

    Many homeowners simply fail to lock their doors and windows. A good rule of thumb is if you made the investment to purchase locks for all your doors and windows, use them. Locking up every time you go out is important, but keeping the doors locked when you’re home, especially at night is a must. No longer do we live in a society where we can afford to take the chance of a burglar gaining access to our homes through an unlocked door or window even when we are home. Dead bolted doors are hard to open without a key. Most people in Florida don’t open their windows often, so keeping them locked is another layer of protection against crime.

  1. Get a Home Security Check

    Most local police departments offer a free home security check up to show you where you are vulnerable to a breaking. Call the non-emergency police line for a free inspection.

  1. Install an Alarm System

    Many homeowners wait to install a home security system only after they have been robbed or vandalized. The best line of defense to protecting your family and home is a smart security system from ESI. Easy to use, wireless, affordable security protection. Many security features have been developed to make security systems adapt to any home, property or dwelling. Coupled with new advanced features like motion detector video, Videofied Alarm Systems, state of the art CCTV and easy to use apps on your cell phone, means, home security you can count on. Alarm systems are the number one way to deter burglars from targeting your home. Different systems and extras are available, from a basic alarm siren, to automatic notification of an alarm event.

  1. Install Security Cameras or the new Videofied Alarms

    Everyone has heard, the best defense is a good offense and nowhere is that truer than in home protection. Putting potential burglars on the defense is your best offense. ESI. offers the new Videofied Alarm system. Motion detectors equipped with a 10 second video feed when the detector is triggered. Affordable video technology for home use…

  1. Motion Activated Lights

    Easy to install, but many times overlooked, motion detector lights can illuminate what the burglars want to keep hidden, their presence. Placed strategically around a home, motion activated floodlights, illuminate shadowed part of your home and access points making burglars think twice about chancing a home invasion.

  1. Strong Doors

    Almost 70% of all burglars enter homes through locked and unlocked doors. Installing thick, well-made secured doors, and door frames make penetrating your security layer just that much harder.  Dead bolt locks will also add a layer of protection criminals have a hard time penetrating.

  1. Employ the use of a strong Safe

    In the event that a thief penetrates your security layers, use a fireproof safe to protect your most precious valuables like jewelry and guns. If the safe is small have it installed in the floor so that it will remain undiscovered.

Bonus Layer of Security Protection

The best security outcomes are realized when a security profession, like ESI. Emergency Systems Inc. is involved to help design, install, monitor and maintain your home security system. ESI is the leader in economical home security systems that are wireless and offers a variety of options for just about every security concern. Let ESI give you a free consultation. No high-pressure sales person will call on you. Just professional advice from our family to yours…… Visit ESI on the web at or call us at 904 388 3975……

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