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Most security alarm companies offer many alarm options in the security shields they develop for home, office, businesses, and retail customers. But as the name implies, the alarms themselves are the critical components in any security system. This one key element usually decides the speed and effectiveness of the security company’s ability to react to a triggered alert, alarm, or event. This really is the critical component because it signals and warns something is up and array. Fire, smoke, excessive heat, intruder, break-in, and theft all are actions that sound the alarm to ward off or signal the monitoring station and to get eyes on the situation at hand.

But how do alarms work and what constitutes the mechanics of an alarm?

How Does an Alarm Work-Open and Closed-Circuit Systems?

To explain this, we must describe the simplest of examples of an electric circuit. OK, an electric circuit is used in all electronic devices like a refrigerator, a computer, a flashlight, really anything that gets its power to operate by electricity is accomplished through a circuit. Circuits can be described as an electric flow in one direction like from positive to negative or negative to positive where the electric path is completed between those two different points. Think of how a battery works. On all batteries, one side is a + positive the other is a – negative charge. When a battery is used in say a flashlight the electricity generated by the battery flows through the system from one + charge to the – charge. The device when turned on allows the electricity to flow causing the flashlight to light and operate. When the circuit is broken, the electricity flows to into the battery but because the circuit is somehow broken the flashlight will not turn on and operate. Press the button on the light and wow the light comes on, remove the battery, and low and behold the flashlight goes off and becomes non-operational.

Security systems operate much the same way. By utilizing the same concept when the system is turned on or engaged, the security system generates an electric charge flowing through the systems either to a physical feature like a window or a door or even to a sensor in a motion detector that gets activated when something interrupts it. When the system is disabled or turned off, the circuit is broken. Even that can be detected on the security panel or by a monitoring station monitoring the security panel and the entire security system installed.

When a closed-circuit system is activated, and the door or window is closed, the circuit is closed and electricity is flowing through the system. As long as the physical features like a window remain closed, the electric current is not impeded and no alarm is triggered and sounds. Once the window is opened and the electric current is broken an alarm will activate notifying the panel or a monitoring station that a window has opened.

An open-circuit system operates in much the same way except that when a window or door is closed the circuit is open and electric current is not flowing through to the alarm mechanism. In an open-circuit system, once the window or door is open the electric current flows through to the alarm and triggers it.

Of the two available circuit systems, the closed circuit is by far the most reliable due to its physical features and tamper-proofing status.

So, What Happens Now!

When an alarm is triggered one of two things can happen. First, like if a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it. If the security system is not professionally monitored and no one is at home, or nearby in the neighborhood to hear a triggered alarm, what happens.

Most homeowners who buy these so-called security systems in a box have no active monitoring so if the alarm is triggered a siren will sound but so what. You might get a notification that your home or business alarm went off, but you are miles away and ill-equipped to do anything about it. These types of security systems might scare off a few kids but to a trained professional theft, they will spend a minute or two to find and disable the security panel and alarm.

 The other alternative is to have a professional security company install a commercial-grade security system into your office, home, or business and if monitored or set up for rapid response an auto-dialer will notify police. That can also be a problem for an unmonitored security system generating an unverified alarm and issuing a rapid response notification.

ESI, Emergency Systems Inc. To The Rescue!

We are a state-of-the-art security alarm company in Jacksonville Fl, and with over 40 years of experience designing and installing commercial-grade security systems. We are literally the best security alarm company in the business. Our intruder detection systems are second to none. But not every home or commercial building might need the same system. Give us a call at 904-388-3975 for a free, no-obligation security consultation. Now that you know how a security system operates, it’s best that you take advantage of our expertise and provide you with the most affordable, cost-effective, and best-designed security shield to meet your unique needs.