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Security Alarm Companies in Jacksonville FL

How to Compare Alarm Companies

If you are a home or business owner and are considering a new security alarm installation there are a few questions you need to ask before making your choice. Here in Northeast Florida, there are numerous security alarm companies available to choose from but choosing the right one that is both professional and trustworthy can prove difficult. When starting the process there are several things to look for like experience, affordability, reliability, competence, and above all reputation. Commercial grade security products are by far your best choice with proven results and enduring value of components that will last for years of continuous use. These factors need to be considered when comparing security alarm companies in Jacksonville Fl, to be able to weigh the pros and cons of company offerings, products, and services. In today’s market you not only need to compare companies but products, as well as many manufacturers, are producing security components and many are sub-standard in the industry. If you find a security product online or in a “Big Box Store” that is not carried by a legitimate alarm company, beware you are about to purchase an inferior product some costing as much if not more than professional-grade components. At ESI, Emergency Systems Inc. we are a security alarm company servicing both residential and commercial security needs in North Florida. We have over 40 years of experience representing the world’s best security component provider like DMP, Bosch, Samsung, Sony, Honeywell and GE, just to name a few. Our award-winning offering doesn’t stop there with local, 24-hour monitoring and surveillance provided by highly skilled and trained security personnel. ESI is a local resource for security applications that provide highly effective shields against theft, intrusion and breaches.

Below we have listed the 3 major steps to compare security alarm companies you may contact.

  1. Compare Professional Consultations & Written Estimates and Services

Professional alarm company technicians should provide you with a detailed written quote containing the items and components necessary to create a security shield that fits your individual needs. The consultation is very important because it uncovers and outlines what are the best, most effective items you will employ and a minimal cost to achieve your security concerns. For instance, if you live in a modern home and want the convenience of the most modern technology, then installing a keyless entry system might fit your needs. Electronic Access Control will give you the ability to lock and unlock doors from anywhere there is cellular service in the world. It will enable you to see who has gained access, time of access and if exiting, a record of that in real-time. It will also limit who can access the home according to your approved wishes. For business owners, this is an important component because you can decide who should have access to your building and who should not, based on a swipe card activation. Eliminating the use of keys is an effective security measure and an alarm component we employ on the majority of ESI’s office and commercial security alarm applications. This is just one example of a security technology that only a licensed and trained professional alarm company like ESI can offer.

2. Product Knowledge and Applications

Whenever considering what alarm company should get your business, take the time to get educated by the security technician, because you can then use that information to decide who understands your security needs and who doesn’t. Security is much more than the installation of sensors for doors and windows, with a motion detector thrown in for good measure. How penetrable is the rating on the alarm system and what kind of manufacturers warrantees are on the product, will address their durability? For instance, if you are having a cellular transmission problem in different parts of your dwelling or building then a cellular booster is probably a good choice. At ESI we handle a wide and diverse assortment of cellular boosting products to fit every residential, commercial, and industrial application. From SureCall, Sentry, Fusion Series, Force5 and Guardian3, we can handle any size building or complex up to 80,000 square feet to ensure your cellular transmission doesn’t skip a beat or signal.

If you are a commercial builder and construction theft is a problem then the Videofied product, video in a motion detector is a portable alternative to live security guards. This has portability from one job site to another providing real-time video feeds upon activation and if police are notified a verifiable alarm activation for immediate response. You will find that only certain professional alarm carriers like ESI will have the right remedy for whatever security breach you are trying to close.

Most importantly is the ability to detect security breaches and counter. At ESI we have local monitoring central stations equipped with the latest technology and staffed by highly trained and knowledgeable personnel. These services never sleep, 24-hours a day, 365 days a year you can have confidence someone is actively monitoring your home, office, or business, so you can.

3. Service After the Sale

Having a local, fast-responding security alarm partner is one of the most important features in choosing a security alarm company. At ESI we pride ourselves on being large enough to handle any size company or project but also trim enough to be able to deploy resources whenever and where ever they are needed. For over 40 years ESI has been on the cutting edge of security technology and we have the training, experience, and knowledge to help you with any type of security component arrangement that may be needed to insure against theft, intrusion, or breach. Give us a call today at 904-388-3975 and have one of our security technicians answer any of your questions, arrange a free, no-obligation consultation to discuss your individual needs and concerns. ESI, Emergency Systems Inc. is a licensed security alarm company servicing all of North Central and North Florida’s commercial and high-end residential needs.