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Security Alarms Companies Serving Jacksonville’s Food Service Industry

For all businesses, the safety of their employees and the security of their assets are of paramount concern in keeping their operations running efficiently and servicing a growing clientele. This has never been more prevalent than with the growing number of businesses involved in Jacksonville’s restaurant and bar trade. Over the past few years, Jacksonville has seen a tremendous increase in the number of restaurants, take-out establishments, and even micro-brewery openings. You can hardly drive down the main thoroughfare without seeing a store serving food, beer, or alcohol. These businesses are not merely confined to busy intersections or areas of town, but cropping up all over.

With the influx of the varied ethnic groups coming into our area, it should come as no surprise that additional food venues are being established to serve a diverse cultural and aged group of young adults. Youngsters are eating out rather than staying at home cooking dinner and watching TV.  This restaurant revolution is taking Jacksonville by storm, and bringing higher demands on the commercial security alarm companies in Jacksonville that serve them.

Restaurant Security and Safety

The restaurant industry itself has many unique safety issues that most other businesses don’t incur. Kitchens present the biggest, high-risk challenges with the increased risk of fire breakouts. Cooking equipment poses the greatest dangers and having well-designed ventilation and sprinkler/water suppression systems is essential to creating a safe environment. Additionally, most restaurants run on a cash basis and are susceptible to robberies, burglaries, and internal theft by employees. Having an adequate, well-designed security shield comprised of many security features is usually warranted in protecting themselves. Security alarm components might include a wireless alarm package complete with panic and silent alarms, CCTV, fire, smoke, excessive heat alarms, and of course an experienced monitoring central station to keep an eye on the business, 24/7.

ESI, Emergency Systems Inc., Jacksonville’s largest commercial security alarm company, specializes in restaurant security and has for over 40 years. Fire alarms, sprinkler systems, burglary, and after hours premise security, are fundamental components that ESI provides to protect the restaurant or bar facility, its customers, employees, and their investment.

ESI’s extensive experience involving restaurant security has enabled them to offer state-of-the-art security components at affordable prices on any type of security application.

Restaurant Crime Prevention Tips

Any business is susceptible to crime, but restaurants and bars face additional challenges that the average business doesn’t face.

  1. Restaurants and bars by nature are open for long periods of time and usually employ workers who work at different intervals. The numbers of additional hours the average restaurant is open makes them more vulnerable to robberies, theft and intrusion.

ESI’s Advice: Let us perform a security analysis of your premises by one of our highly trained technicians who can design a cost-effective security umbrella to protect every aspect of your operation.

2. Restaurants and bars deal in a lot of cash and are susceptible to robberies and theft. Cash left lying around on bars and on counters makes them easy targets. 

ESI’s Advice:  Install intrusion, panic, and silent alarm devices in areas of the restaurant where cash transactions are performed. Don’t just equip the closed main office with these types of devices. This will notify the police and the central station that a robbery is in progress and will help aid in apprehending the criminals.

3. Always have a team of employees open and close your restaurant.

ESI’s Advice: Install an access control/keyless entry device, so that only a designated employee may have access to your premises. These types of security measures will record the coming and goings of all who enter and leave.

4. The most common crimes that occur in restaurants are perpetrated by employees.

ESI’s Advice: Install security cameras in plain sight so that employees know their behavior is being monitored and recorded.

5. After-hours premise security.

ESI’s Advice: Consider the new motion detector, video technology called Videofied. This security device, when activated records activity in real-time using stealth technology thus reducing false alarms. It will also aid in the identification and apprehension of criminals. Fire alarms, sprinkler systems, and of course having 24-hour security monitoring will reduce insurance.     

Why Choose ESI for all Your Commercial Security Needs?

ESI is the most innovative, smart commercial security provider in Jacksonville. We specialize in modern, state-of-the-art, wireless, and fully integrated security system applications designed by professionals for professionals. We have the best security technicians in the business. 

Whether you are considering a new restaurant buildout or are making renovations to an existing facility, we can design and implement a customized security solution for your individual needs. From a single unit, fast food facilities, to multi-level, full-service restaurants, ESI specializes in protecting your establishment against all types of security breaches including fire, smoke, intrusion, theft, and many other hazards.

Contact us today at 904-388-3975 for a free security analysis and a no-obligation consultation.  

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