Our Mission is to be the leading independent security and life safety solutions provider in the Southeast.

1Security Systems
Security systems keep our homes or office safe when we're out or away. ESI can quickly and easily set up a security system for your home or office to protect what's most important to you. Get the security you need for less with a wide selection of systems available from high quality manufactures.
2Fire Alarm Systems
As you know a fire alarm system is designed to detect the unwanted presence of fire by monitoring environmental changes associated with combustion. ESI uses the best technology and the knowledge to deliver high-quality fire alarm systems in a wide range of buildings, applications and markets. We offer a broad portfolio of products and systems for accurate, reliable fire detection and notification.
3Video Surveillance
The usage of closed circuit television, or CCTV systems, is becoming more and more popular for all kinds of security. ESI installs CCTV systems in your home or business to protect your property. Research has shown that when a property has a CCTV Installation, it is 90% less likely to be burgularized which makes them valuable tools for assisting with combating crime and general monitoring of a range of situations.
4Access Control
If your home or office requires high levels of security and access to certain areas, you can now better manage, monitor and protect your assets as well as quickly respond to security breaches with ESI's Access Control Systems. Whether you need a basic wall-mounted card reader or proximity cards readers for finger, print or eye scan, ESI has the most comprehensive range of access control products and can expertly design and install an affordable access control system to meet any need and budget.
5Silent Hold-Up and Panic
ESI offers "hold-up" or "panic" alarms designed to generate immediate response to emergency situations. They send a Silent Signal to our U.L. approved monitoring center allowing us to alert the dispatch of law enforcement of the situation of a hold-up and armed robbery.
6Fence & Perimeter
Protect materials, equipment and vehicles inside fenced yards against theft and vandalism.
7Nurse Call Systems
We provide audio and visual confirmation of emergencies, as well as components used for monitoring patients.
Everyday since 1979 ESI, locally owned and operated, provides affordable and dependable un-paralleled monitoring service 24 hours a day. Our modern, State of the Art monitoring center features innovative, cutting edge technology and equipment.
9Service & Repair
Since 1979, ESI services and monitors all major brand and systems throughout northeast Florida and southeast Georgia. We are always just a call away - 24 hours a day!
10Intercom Systems
ESI professionally installs top quality intercom systems in homes and offices at affordable prices.
11Personal Emergency Alert
Personal alert devices can play a key role in helping our seniors and disabled feel safe and secure.
12Electric Gates
Fencing and gates are a first line deterrent against criminals who always look for easy escape routes.
13IP - Internet Monitoring
You can use your existing high-speed internet connection to send your alarm signals to ESI's monitoring station.