Silent Hold Up and Panic Alarm Systems

Silent Holdup & Panic Alarm Systems

ESI offers "hold-up" or "panic" alarms designed to generate immediate response to emergency situations.

All retail establishments are subject to hold-ups, armed robbery and forced intrusion. Some businesses are more susceptible than others due to many factors including location, type of business, cash transactions etc. Having an ESI certified silent holdup system or panic alarm available, can provide employees with a safe and effective way to notify authorities in the event of a robbery.  Silent alarms have the added value of providing employees with a speedy recovery from the trauma and confusion associated with hold-ups just knowing help is on the way. Silent alarms can also be triggered during the robbery and can provide police with the advantage to thwart the crime immediately after it has occurred. 

Installing a certified commercial silent holdup system can help to reduce the business owner’s liability in the event an employee is injured during a hold-up.

Our low-cost panic alarm systems can be designed to fit any location, type of business and budget and features include:

System Benefits

Our low cost systems can be designed to fit any situation and budget and feature: