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Video and CCTV Surveillance Protection

For most successful business owners, utilizing premise security protection like video or CCTV surveillance is the number one way to secure your property, and protect your vendors, employees, and customers. These security devices are being used in and around construction sites, retail stores, office buildings, restaurants, industrial complexes, warehouses, and even schools and public buildings. Commercial grade video surveillance, when properly installed is the most effective tool in deterring, preventing and detecting theft and property loss. Most property that is stolen, is not committed at the hands of a gun but committed by motivated individuals who for one reason feel the need to steal, they are thieves. It is nationally estimated that 30% of all crimes are crimes committed without even the use of a lethal weapon. These crimes are committed by motivated persons. The largest percentage of these crimes involve property theft, both internal and external, and shoplifting. Millions of dollars go unrealized every day for everything from over-the-counter drugs and alcohol, personal items, groceries, high-end apparel, electronic devices, and tools. Even stealing security devices such as doorbell video cameras and retail security alarms from those big box stores is becoming prevalent. Petty crimes and property loss account for the majority of crimes in this country. It is also estimated that 10% of individuals who enter your establishment are shoplifters’. Theft prevention is a business’s number one priority. There are also peak-seasonal crimes that take place for items such as clothes, toys, beachwear, recreational products, etc. ESI, Emergency Systems Inc. is the most advanced security alarm company in Jacksonville Florida, specializing in keeping your home, office, or business safe and secure.

Theft Prevention Measures

Any successful security analysis, provided by a competent security alarm company, begins with a “threat assessment” of your premises. This usually includes vulnerable, high risk areas identified with security breach possibilities. At ESI, our highly trained and experienced security technicians have worked with every type of commercial and industrial business. We start off by assessing their individual security needs and then design a security shield second to none. We have included the following types of businesses, to show vulnerabilities and opportunities where security breaches might occur:

Office Buildings: The place that most people work is usually in an office building. These premises are targets for copiers, office supplies, electronic devices such as laptops and computer stations, furniture and even intellectual properties breaches.

Restaurants: Food and alcohol establishments including specialty, fast-food and traditional restaurants are easy targets for theft and even robbery. Having untraceable cash on hand is a good lure for thieves and penetrating back door operations are soft targets for products like perishables, can goods, alcoholic bottles and other items.

Retail Stores: These are the most abundant stores that stock, sell, repairing and distribute items for the masses. Convenience stores, gas stations, clothing outlets, retail sales, accessories, jewelry, supermarkets all have three major things in common, limited staffing, lots of products and cash on hand. These three factors when combined with the abundant number of retail outlets available, make them especially vulnerable to being the number one robbery source in this country.

Construction Sites: Construction is taking place at a furious pace in both the residential and commercial sectors.  New commercial space buildouts, general construction projects and many, overnight unsupervised sites contain expensive equipment and supplies are attractive to thieves and even some workers.  

Warehouse, Transport and Distribution Centers: These types of businesses have certain things in common, including usually large areas to secure, highly valuable and extensive inventories and unlimited access by vendors, distributors and employees. This quote the “insider job” is one of the largest reported thefts committed due to employee low wages, unsupervised labor force and the amount of workers needed to move and transport large amounts of product and materials.

Let’s Talk About Reducing Your Risk of Theft

First, having a professional security analysis of your property, by a reputable security company like ESI will reduce your vulnerability to theft both internal and external. Helping you create a safer workplace.

Second, identifying all of your buildings, soft spots, including all accesses, lighting, hidden areas, facility shortcomings, and your existing alarm and security measures is the first step to creating a durable security shield.

Why Consider ESI?

A successful security plan starts with a security and alarm analysis performed by experienced and knowledgeable technicians. ESI, Emergency Systems Inc. has been leading the charge for over 40 years in providing affordable security alarm solutions to 1000’s of satisfied customers in North Central and North Florida. We have invested in advanced trained and customer-centric staff to design, repair replace, and monitor our customers’ dwellings. We offer award-winning service, a central local monitoring center, and the most advanced products from security industry-leading manufacturers, all at affordable prices. Give us a call today at 904-388-3975 for a free, no-obligation security consultation for your home, office, business, warehouse, or industrial facility.