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Video Surveillance for Homes

In today’s world, where danger lurks around every corner, more and more homeowners are utilizing the newest video technology in everything from doorbells, video cameras to CCTV and even Videofied products (motion detector triggered video) in even average size homes.  The old costs associated with these products, thanks to modern technology and manufacturing has drastically come down to an affordable level. Even CCTV systems (closed circuit television) is not as expensive as it once was. It used to be only the rich and famous could buy video surveillance equipment and CCTV systems to protect their homes, families, and assets. Just like many electronic devices now costing a fraction of what there was even 5 years ago, video surveillance systems have become relatively affordable, but be careful what and where you buy them.  Stores like Lowes, Home Depot and even Bed, Bath and Beyond are selling video surveillance cameras but there are distinct differences between professional, commercial grade equipment and the video cameras these stores are offering. Even so, these residential non-commercial grade products are somewhat expensive for what you are getting. The real cost difference between these advertised surveillance cameras and commercial ones is relatively small, but the clarity, reliability and overall performance between these two distinctly different systems is huge. Commercial grade video is designed to be long-lasting, adaptable and a reliable security product that over the counter products can’t compete with. One is sold to consumers who believe they are getting a deal, the other is only sold by professional security alarm companies who only carry the best products available. When it comes to someone’s security, the more protection one can achieve, the better the outcome. Additionally, having a video feed is only as effective as long as someone is monitoring it and can take immediate steps if a security breach is recognized and police need to be dispatched. If you owned a camera in a doorbell and saw that your home was being burglarized how would you respond and how effective would you be in stopping the crime from taking place. 24-hour local monitoring, staffed by professional security technicians is really the only safeguard anyone has at stopping a security penetration when video surveillance is being used. ESI. Emergency Systems Inc. is a commercial security alarm company protecting high-end residential homes, commercial and retail stores, industrial complexes and governmental entities for almost 40 years.

Video Surveillance for the Home

Video surveillance is a proven security technology developed for homes, office, stores and any other fixed building application worth protecting. The chief reason to employ a video surveillance system is deterrence and effective real-time surveillance. Criminals might try and disable a video camera, but if properly monitored and installed, most will actually leave the premises without taking any action.  Thieves know when a security company is monitoring a property, and when a video camera is in operation. Whether it is just recording their movements or surveillance is actually being monitored, the chances of police being dispatched and themselves getting caught is high. But DIY video for home use might not be monitored and police might not be informed until it is too late and the intruder has already perpetrated the crime. Most intruders simply are not willing to deal with a video surveillance camera because the chances go up of getting caught when cameras are in use. Criminals will try to protect their identity but often it is too late and the camera recording them might be effective. No one really needs to make a case on how effective video cameras really are. Homeowners can remotely view all activity taking place at their home without actually being there. Watching children enter and exit the home or see someone approaching your house can be an effective security tool. Smartphone technology with apps that let you watch the camera’s view is a strong security measure. But without utilizing a professional grade video surveillance systems or CCTV’s, might not give you the ability to achieve a secured outcome so many homeowners seek. Again, ESI, Emergency Systems Inc. can help you devise a security plan that incorporates a video surveillance structure that is both durable and effective towards protecting what matters most.

Video Surveillance Systems from ESI, Emergency Systems Inc.

ESI, Emergency Systems Inc. has been installing video surveillance equipment in homes and offices for almost 40 years. We are the leader in offering affordable, professional grade security systems and 24-hour monitoring. Whether you are upgrading a current security system or want to purchase video surveillance equipment for the first time, our professional security technicians are ready and able to assist you. ESI provides uncompromised value in everything we do: from fire alarms, access control devices, video surveillance and CCTV, sprinkler and fire suppression systems, cellular boosting and gate operating devices, to local 24-hour monitoring, ESI does it all. Making homes and businesses secure has been our mission for almost 40 years. Give us a call for a free, no-obligation consultation at 904-388-3975. Visit our website at GetEsi.Com

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