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What is a Doorbell Camera and How Does it Work?

A doorbell camera is a simple, limited device very similar to a traditional doorbell but, has a built-in camera. which allows homeowners to view who is at their door remotely, from any smartphone, tablet, or computer.

This device shows if properly working will show the user live streaming footage from in front of the equipment and is capable of recording both audio and video. Most doorbell cameras also let the homeowner have a 2-way conversation with the person on the other side of the door before opening it, possibly preventing a burglar or intruder from entering the house. The usual downside is that all non-commercial doorbell cameras have two very important things in common.

1. Lack of monitoring capabilities from professionally trained 24/7 security monitors and.

2. Have a very short shelf life and operating capacity when purchased from a big box store or online.

At ESI, Emergency Systems Inc. we repair, install, and monitor all of our installed security alarm equipment, and all at very affordable pricing. We have been serving Jacksonville and the surrounding communities since 1979. Actually, we have customers, both residential and commercial all over the southeast, mainly in Florida and Georgia.

As a continuous, monthly service we publish online articles to help consumers become more familiar with security alarms in Jacksonville so they can make intelligent choices about their security purchases.

How do Doorbells equipped with Cameras Work

Doorbells with video/camera capabilities have many convenient features and provide a higher level of security around a residential property if properly purchased, monitored and installed.

Here are a few things that a doorbell camera is capable of doing.

  1. A doorbell camera easily connects to your home’s existing wiring system and doorbell chimes, as well as to your home’s WiFi. Some of the non-commercial grade doorbells have a hard time connecting and staying connected, but all and all should work.
  1. When someone engages the doorbell, it chimes like a normal doorbell. Some doorbell camera models even have a motion detector built in to sense when someone is at your front door and then start recording automatically. Unfortunately, this only allows the recipient to view the camera and commercial products have a monitoring system to deal with unwanted folk.
  2. A notification is then sent to your smartphone via the WiFi connection, alerting you that someone is at the door.
  3. The doorbell camera’s app will allow you to watch a live video feed from the camera. Some doorbell cameras start recording video footage as soon as the doorbell is engaged, or when a motion is detected. This will allow you, and you alone on non-commercial units to review the footage as you acquire it. Recorded video clips require storage space, so you may need cloud storage or removable storage space.
  4. Doorbell cameras also feature a speaker system, allowing you to use the app to speak through the doorbell camera to the visitor. Some doorbell camera models also include two-way talk functions, so you can see and have an active conversation with your visitor, all at the same time.

Why Should You Let ESI Install a Doorbell Camera System

If you are like most of us, you may not answer the phone if you don’t recognize the number. Many people now feel the same way about their front door. Additionally, as a preventative security measure, knowing who is there can be a very important added functionality.

Doorbell cameras act similar to a caller ID, but at your front door. Having the capability of being able to capture video footage of events going on at your front door is added protection. Without having to actually open the door or peering through a peephole, its a must-have for anyone interested in improving the security of their home.

Contact ESI to explore the benefits of a doorbell camera installation. Give us a call at 904-388-3975