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What is The Best Way to Protect a Home or Office Over the Holidays?

Protecting your home or office during the holidays is important to ensure the safety of your family, property and belongings. At ESI, Emergency Systems Inc. we have been doing just that with state-of-the-art security alarm systems for over 40 years. We understand that this time of the year is very hectic but don’t let a security breach happen at your home or vacant office and ruin the festivities.

Here is a list of important security alarm features you should incorporate into any successful protection plan for your home. These tips if initiated will help you secure your home during the holiday season:

Home Protection Security Alarm Items:

Secure Doors and Windows: Install deadbolt locks on exterior doors. Use window locks on all windows. Reinforce doorframes with metal plates. Consider a security bar for sliding glass doors.

Lighting: Use timers for indoor and outdoor lights to create the illusion of an occupied home. Install motion-activated lights in key areas.

Alarm Systems: Invest in a reliable, durable and professionally installed and monitored home security system. Display security system signs and stickers to deter potential intruders.

Secure Valuables: Keep valuable items out of sight from windows. Consider a safe for important documents, jewelry, and small electronics.

Mail and Package Management: Stop mail and newspaper delivery or ask a neighbor to collect them. Use package delivery lockers or arrange for a neighbor to collect packages.

Social Media Caution: Avoid sharing travel plans on social media. Be cautious about posting holiday photos until after returning.

Neighbor Cooperation: Inform trustworthy neighbors about your travel plans. Ask them to keep an eye on your property and report any suspicious activity.

Timed Electronics: Use timers for TVs, radios, and other electronics to create noise and activity.

Landscaping: Trim bushes and trees near windows and entrances. Ensure your property is well-lit and visible from the street.

Check Locks and Entry Points: Regularly inspect and maintain locks on doors and windows. Ensure that all entry points are secure before you leave the home for any duration.

Professional Office and Retail Security Applications: ESI is also a commercial security alarm provider for systems in office, retail, warehousing, industrial, military and governmental facilities.

Professionally Installed and Monitored Security Systems: Install a robust security system with surveillance cameras. Display signs indicating the presence of a security system.

Access Control/Keyless Entry Systems: Restrict access to key areas with electronic access cards or key codes. Regularly update and audit access credentials.

Inventory Control: Keep an updated inventory of office equipment and valuables. Mark equipment with identification numbers.

Cybersecurity Measures: Ensure that all computers and servers are protected with up-to-date antivirus software. Train employees on cybersecurity best practices.

Emergency Preparedness: Have a plan for emergencies, including fire and evacuation procedures. Conduct regular drills.

Employee Awareness: Educate employees about security measures and the importance of vigilance. Encourage reporting of any suspicious activities.

Cleaning Service Coordination: If using a cleaning service during the holidays, coordinate with them to ensure security measures are maintained.

Backup Systems: Regularly back up important data and ensure that backup systems are functioning.

Holiday Office Closure: If the office will be closed for an extended period, secure all entry points and set alarms.

External Lighting: Ensure that the exterior of the office is well-lit, discouraging unauthorized access.

Monitoring Station: Be sure to inform your 24/7 monitoring station technicians when the office will be closed over the holidays.

Why Choose ESI For All Your Professional Security Alarm Needs

By implementing these measures, you can significantly enhance the security of your home or office during the holiday season. Remember that a combination of physical and electronic security measures, along with good communication with neighbors or coworkers, can be highly effective in deterring potential threats.

At ESI we specialize in creating affordable yet durable and long-lasting security alarm solutions for any budget and application. Give us a call for a free security alarm analysis of your dwelling at 904-388-3975