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What Should You Know About Purchasing a Video Camera, CCTV System or Video Surveillance Equipment

If you are considering purchasing a CCTV or a video surveillance system, here are some things you should know before buying an over-the-counter, non-commercial grade equipment which is readily available online or from one of those “Big Box” stores.

First and Foremost

Determine your needs: Before purchasing any CCTV system, you should first determine your security needs. Think about the areas you want to monitor, the number of cameras that will be required for viewing, and the features you will need in an effective CCTV system.

Types of cameras: There are many different types of CCTV cameras available in the marketplace, including bullet cameras, dome cameras, PTZ cameras, and many more. Each of these have their own advantages and some disadvantages, so be sure to choose the one that best suits your immediate needs. Additionally, and most important is the type and quality of the products you are acquiring. Make sure to do your homework because almost all non-commercial grade cameras are inferior products to cameras designed and produced for residential and commercial security applications.

Image quality: The image quality is the most critical factor in choosing the right CCTV system. Higher resolution cameras, sold and installed by a qualified security alarm provider will offer clearer and more detailed images, which will not only help to identify individuals and events but will aid in their arrest and capture.

Storage: This is another very important feature. Determine how much footage you want to store and for how long. You will need a large storage capacity to store videos from multiple cameras over a long period of time.

Video management software: Choosing a video management software that meets and exceeds your needs is often paramount to success. It should be relatively easy to use, reliable, and have features different such as motion detection, remote viewing, and alerts.

Installation: Make sure you qualify and hire an experienced, professionally trained security alarm technician to install any CCTV system, video surveillance or stand-alone video security camera. Improper installation will result in poor performance, which ultimately defeats the purpose of having a CCTV system in the first place.

Legal requirements: Be aware of the legal requirements for the implementation of a CCTV system in your local area. You may need to obtain a city permit and follow specific regulations regarding these types of surveillance systems.

Maintenance: CCTV systems require regular maintenance, conducted by a licensed, security alarm specialist to ensure they are functioning correctly. One should always consider a maintenance plan, which is not available by most online sales, to keep your system running efficiently and smoothly.

Overall, purchasing a CCTV system requires careful consideration of your security needs, camera types, image quality, storage, video management software, installation, legal requirements, and maintenance.

Why Should You Choose a Professional Security Alarm Company in Jacksonville FL?

A purchase such as this should not be taken lightly nor achieved without the assistance of an experienced security alarm provider like ESI. ESI, Emergency Systems Inc. has been providing security alarm advice, design, installation, repair and maintenance to residential and commercial businesses for over 40 years. From our headquarters in Jacksonville, Florida we represent the world’s most advanced security alarm manufacturers producing state-of-the-art components for CCTV’s, security cameras and surveillance systems. We offer durable and affordable alternatives to cheaply produced, non-commercial grade security components flooding the market today.

Give us a call at 904-388-3975 for a free security alarm analysis and consultation to determine the most cost-effective and efficient way to protect what you hold most precious.