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IP Internet Monitoring

IP / Network / Internet Monitoring: The Future is Now

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Your Connection To The Most Advanced Alarm Communications Technology Available Today.
The advanced features of the Digital Monitoring Products (DMP) alarm equipment offered by ESI is light-years ahead of any other product manufactured today.

Ultra High Speed Alarm Communications - Network or IP Monitoring
Up to 15 times Faster than standard telephone dial up service. And No telephone service is actually needed, just a high speed internet connection and a open port on a router

Communicator Confidence Check-in Every 6 Minutes
UL AA listed, approved for banks, jewelry stores, etc. Unprecedented communications path supervision. The alarm system can send a heartbeat signal to the monitoring center every 6 minutes. Other systems can only send a test signal daily, weekly, or not at all.

Compatible with all high speed internet providers.

Eliminates The Problems Associated with VoIP.