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video surveillance camera in commercial building

Home and Office Security Made Safe and Affordable

Another year ending and with it comes renewed optimism and a chance to start the new year off on a positive note. A good plan for protecting your employees, customers, assets and family members starts with a solid security shield designed and installed by ESI. Emergency Systems Inc, a leader in the office and home security field for almost forty years has been protecting businesses and families with state-of-the-art security solutions from the world’s leading security manufacturers. In todays, fast pace technological world, many are turning to the internet for security product solutions. This sometimes comes with a price which can turn a simple security device into a hacker’s godsend. If you are considering a WiFi security camera for your home or office you need to be aware that many of the less expensive cameras often made in places like China can easily be hacked by potential thieves. The British Broadcasting Service (BBC) did a story on Russian hackers who showed how easy it is to access WiFi transmitted, non-secured video cameras in use in more than 250 separate countries displaying the security field they were employed to protect. Many of these reports revealed that these WiFi digital cameras had the potential of being used against the owners employing them, simply because they were online and un-secured. This vulnerability is not widely known by the general public because of the attraction of being able to purchase cheap video cameras online, at prices starting as low as $25.00 a single unit. Hackers have the ability to access many of these WiFi video products and upload their own photos, interrupt the service or even display a still, video photograph making the end-user think that all is well while the viewing field is being monitored for nefarious reasons. Hundreds of thousands of these products have been purchased and their surveillance vulnerabilities that allow hackers access to the devices have been well documented.

Video Surveillance Pitfalls

WiFi digital security cameras can be compromised and this can lead to cybercriminals being able to connect to your internet router having the potential to access your entire WiFi network. Less expensive digital cameras purchased from specific manufacturers on the internet do not have security shields built into them. Many of these so-called secured WiFi video cameras run on what is known in the industry as non-default ports that are accessed by and monitored by cyber-hackers. The internet is constantly being scanned by these attackers looking for these active ports finding digital online camera’s in use. Then it’s a matter of accessing the video feed and identifying the location of the monitored field of view, home, office, building or specific internal area. What one thinks about when installing a video camera and then accessing its recording field is a safe and secure way of protecting one’s assets. What could be worse than cyber criminals having access to the same video, at the same time and being able to see what you are trying to protect, scary.

Install Commercial Grade, Professionally Monitored Video Cameras

ESI, Emergency Systems Inc. has been installing and monitoring video cameras and CCTV’s for office and homes for 40 years. We understand the pitfalls associated with purchasing video cameras over the internet and the limitations they present when used online. As a commercial and high-end residential security provider, ESI designs, installs, repairs and replaces security equipment including CCTV’s and video surveillance cameras. ESI also carries the new Videofied product which is a video camera and real-time video recorder housed in a motion detector. This amazing security device is portable and easily transferable from one site to another making it attractive to construction firms for temporary worksite protection. Videofied, when activated, displays a real-time video feed making alarm activations verifiable. These active alarms allow first-responders and law enforcement to respond more quickly and efficiently. ESI also locally monitors all of the security equipment it installs by highly trained security personnel. If you are considering purchasing a video camera to monitor your home, office, retail space, warehouse or another facility, make sure the products you employ are protected from hackers and have a monitoring service to make these devices safe and efficient to employ. ESI is a full-service security company and installs fire, burglar, water sprinkler/fire suppression systems, motion detectors, access control/keyless entry systems, video surveillance, silent hold-up and panic alarms, cellular boosting, electric gate operating devices, IP internet monitoring, local monitoring center and much more. Give us a call at 904-388-3975 for a free security evaluation by one of our highly trained and experienced security technicians. Visit our website at GetEsi.Com for a complete list of our services, product lines and manufacturers we represent. For over 40 years ESI has been a leader in providing security to North Central and North Florida businesses and high-end residential customers.